Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Té - Flamingo's Gambit (Netherlands 2012) @320

Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the Dutch collective Té creates its own musical wonderland. Energetic jigs, lazy waltzes, blazin’ scottishes and mad bourrées, virtuoso played by this tight group of friends. Like Carrol’s tale, the music is layered and colorful. Every melodic line is countered by surprising harmonies, dynamic changes and rhythmic variations. The musicians literally tease, chase and provocate one another and drag each other into wild musical landscapes from which their music can only escape one way: to the dancers.

All tunes are original and written to dance to. Influences from Balkan, Quebecois, French, Scandinavian and Turkish music are always under the surface and emerge in colorful eruptions of pure playing-pleasure.

Té is founded in may 2011 by Sander van der Schaaf (guitar, percussions), Niek van Uden (accordeon), Emilyn Stam (violin) en Conny Essbach (clarinet). Niek van Uden composes most of the tunes, the collective arranges and interpretes.

01. Mad Hatter & Co
02. Bour wat zeg je van mijn reeën
03. Lullaby for a Cheshire Cat
04. De worp
05. Quanto costa?
06. Aldus sprak toen de goudvis
07. Luistervink
08. Steak Bourrée
09. Turkish Tea With a Twist
10. Theelief / Tea Leaf
11. Breiwerk
12. Walsjemenou?!

Niek van Uden: Accordeon
Conny Essbach: Clarinet
Emilyn Stam: Violin
Sander van der Schaaf: Guitar & percussions


Yojik said...

Flamingo's Gambit
pass: folkyourself.blogspot.com

eagle said...

Thanx for another dutch Album - Great

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