Sunday, December 31, 2017

Al Petteway - Whispering Stones (USA 1994) @320

With a style which is best described as an artful synthesis of Celtic/British ideas and tunings with American themes and drive, GRAMMY winning guitarist Al Petteway has established himself as one of the most prolific and talented players in the genre.

Washington, D.C.'s dazzling fingerstyle guitar virtuoso, Al Petteway, has weaved together traditional folk tunes and new compositions into a spirited Celtic sound on Whispering Stones. It includes originals for solo guitar and with flute, mandolin, piano, and cello. 
Petteway is a winner of three WAMMIES from the Washington Area Music Association for Best New Artist, Best Instrumentalist and Best Recording.

01 - Spindrift
02 - Felicia's Wish
03 - Whispering Stones
04 - Wolf's Head
05 - The West Wind
06 - Dryad Dance
07 - Song For John
08 - North Country Moor
09 - Magik
10 - The Wedding
11 - Final Passage {For Jimi Hendrix}
12 - Festival Waltz
13 - A New Dawn
14 - The Blacksmith
15 - Sidh Beag Sidh Mor
16 - Midnight Ride
17 - Lady Sarah's Fancy
18 - All Through The Night

Al Petteway - Guitar 
with guests:
Pat Petteway - Piano, bells, clarinet, percussion;
Felicia Petteway - Flute;
Diana McFadden - Cello;
Akira Otsuka - mandolin;
Zan McLeod - octave mandolin performed by GRAMMIE winning acoustic guitarist and WAMMIE Award winner


CrimsonKing said...

Whispering Stones

Jon said...

Again a big thank you to all of the contributors who work so hard to share their knowledge of this music. If not for FolkYourSelf over the years I would have missed out on learning about so many fantastic musical acts that I've enjoyed both through here and by buying other recordings of, having been introduced to them through this blog to start with. My best to all of you in 2018.

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Jon. Always a kind person.
Great New Year to you.

FY Team.

Max Moriz said...

Jon has said in a such a good way, he is right.
So many thanks and my best wishes for 2018 with health, love and happiness for you and the team.

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Max.
Same for you!

FY Team.

George Shafnacker said...

This is a civil and decent site...and turned me on to more music than I could have ever hoped. Thank you so much.

Martin from Quebec said...


There are a couple french albums I would like to download. Is it possible? I'm not seeing the link or anything like that...Please help if possible.

Martin from Quebec said...


Great site with many good references. I'm tryoing to download a french album, but not seeing how. Please assist.

Buck said...

Thanks once again,CrimsonKing, for introducing me to new acts that I would never discover any other way. Treacherous Orchestra, Altan Urag and others, now Al Petteway, all brilliant, all different! Folkyourself is an awesome site!

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