Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Basco - Big Basco (Denmark 2011) @320

1. Carsten the Fox (Sigurd Hockings)
2. Jacky Tar (Trad)
3. Soon (Hal Parfitt-Murray)
4. Hathaway's Cavalier (Hal Parfitt-Murray)
5. Storebror & Lillebror (Trad)
6. Tea in the Garden (Hal Parfitt-Murray)
7. The Ballad of Andreas and the Rat-Half-Greaser (Hal Parfitt-Murray)
8. Hymn (Anders Rniggaard)
9. The Ferryman (Hal Parfitt-Murray)
10. Moleskin Waltz (Hal Parfitt-Murray)
11. The Elephant (Anders Rniggaard)
12. Big Basco (Hal Parfitt-Murray)
13. Lova Lova (Trad)

Hal Parfitt Murray (DK/SCO): lead vocals, violin, viola, foot tapping, cello
Andreas Tophøj (DK): violin, viola, backing vocals
Ale Carr (SE): cittern. Backing vocals, whistling
Anders Ringgaard (DK): Accordion, trombone

And Big Basco
Mads La Cour: Flugelhorn
Ulrik Kofoed: French Horn
Jonatan Ahlbom: Helicon

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