Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Basco - The Crow in the Walnut Tree (Denmark 2008) @320

In 2004, ten years ago, almost to the day at the time of writing this, four sweet young lads who should have been training to be bankers or insurance salesmen performed a couple of tunes written by one of the fiddlers at one of the Danish Tønder Festival’s large tent stages. Little did they suspect that a decade later, with many breaks as members completed their studies in far away lands, had vast numbers of children, left the band to renovate houses or just generally laughed, lived and loved, that they would still be touring, writing music together and as a rule, enjoying one another’s company.

Basco has evolved over 10 years, three albums and one change in line-up from a bunch of kids playing some tunes and having a blast, to a group of young men, husbands and fathers, arranging, writing, orchestrating and touring together, and having a blast. They continue to find new ideas to play with, new and interesting artists to collaborate with, and new sparks of genius and streaks of idiocy in each other. It is this playful abandon which drives them, and long may it continue.

1.Coals to Newcastle
2.Crow in the Walnut Tree/ New pair of Boots
3.The Cats Menuet
4.Princess of Scandinavia
5.Trombone Scottish
7.Flensborg Harbour
9.Hadrian's Waltz
10.Magpie Jig/The Camel Polka
11.Blackberry Blossom
12.The Mermaid

Sigurd Hockings - guitar
Hal Parfitt-Murray - fiddle
Anders Ringgaard - box and trombone
Andreas Tophøj - fiddle


Yojik said...

The Crow in the Walnut Tree

George Shafnacker said...

How unexpected gem. Thanks a ton.

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