Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Basco - The Remarkable Return of Old Man Basco (Denmark 2013) @320

Big Basco continue the melting pot of wood and brass, with tasty and powerful music well suited to any audience. Now they have invited more great musicians in the melting pot, the Danish/Norwegian singer Julie Hjetland and the Canadian/Quebecian feet & fiddle player David Boulanger. Basco's material is nearly all original, stealing shamelessly and frivolously from Scandinavian, English, Irish, Scottish and North American idioms to create a kind of organic, musical, soupy stew - full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. For Basco, the tune is the thing, and all else must spring from it. "It's gotta swing!

1.March of the Frogs
2.Batshit Polka
3.Liden Karen (Little karen)
4. Red Wooden Gate
5.Tune for Fiona
6. Bison grass and Rye / Naughty Boys
7.Two Sisters
8.80's Waltz
9.The Tribulations of the Svendborg Stadtmusicus and his Most Respectable Household
10. Hog Eye Man
11.Walking Tune / Basco Man is Outta Here

Ale Carr: cittern, body percussion, vocal/"brummer" and bones
Hal Parfit Murray: vocal, violin, mandolin
Andreas Tophøj: violin, viola, vocals.
Anders Ringgaard: accordion, trombone.

Mads LaCour: flugelhorn.
Ulrik Kofoed: valdhorn.
Jonatan Ahlbom: tuba
Jullie Hjetland: vocal
David Boulanger: violin, vocals and feet
Steffan Sørensen: double bass
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