Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cecilia - Blauw Gras (Belgium 2014) @320

“…acoustic folk from Belgium deeply rooted in the traditions of the lowlands and France. The band plays professionally and understands how to arrange the songs in such a way that they are both enjoyable for dancers and for people who just want to listen…”
Eelco Schilder - Folkworld (UK)

“…The way they work together, making it seem utterly natural, marks them as one of the more outstanding new groups to come along…”
Chris Nickson - Sing Out! (USA)

1. Bramen Plukken / Confituur            3:37
2. Le point du jour                      3:25
3. Het Mezennest / De Vuurkorf van Rudy  3:53
4. Bloesem                               4:30
5. Blauw Gras                            3:44
6. The Horse                             4:24
7. Brassless                             5:49
8. Padre Humberto                        4:02
9. La grive / Le mariage                 3:17
10. Amélie                               3:14
11. Ragapolka                            7:08

Jan Leeflang: Cornemuse du Centre, flûte-à-bec et whistle
Greet Wuyts: Accordéon diatonique
Thomas Hoste: Vielle à roue électroacoustique (alto & soprano)
AURELIEN (Shruti-Box, Sitar, Tanpura, Tabla)


Yojik said...

Blauw Gras

Anonymous said...

Thank you Yojik!

A very fine group with really, a very good job of writing! Had the luck to meet them on bal folk! A new record "Pastourelle " is coming in 2018! Much pleasure !


Matteo B said...

File deleted from site :(

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