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Kendirvi - Ici à minuit (France/Bretagne 2004) @320

KENDIRVI’s music is above all a fest-noz music which draws its rhythms from the Breton lore to make the crowd dance. But from eastern Europe up to Quebec, through the Middle-East and Argentina, KENDIRVI displays sounds gathered from miscellaneous musical travels. The colours appear and mix here and there according to the sounds collected along the way. Now it’s up to you and your curiosity to find them out and bring them together, as you like it…
On a rough ground, under a big marquee or on an old wooden floor, it makes no odd, your legs cross but your heart and soul go a-roving !

Ici à minuit
After five years on the run, the seven rascals of KENDIRVI have finally accepted to stop over under the garret of a makeshift studio and leave a mark of their untamed music. Locked up in this entrenched place, these funny dealers have bribed a technician who’s no less roguish as they are, and yet who’s been more than once on the verge of cursing the day he was born!! With the utmost patience and moderation, together they have fashioned an original album with a craft sound, which sticks to them and reveals the furtive and spontaneous feature of this adventure.

Yet don’t fancy they have done this to try and make amends for their dirty tricks! Besides, they’ve hit the road again, protesting as loudly as they could against the friendly but cunning pressure of their loyal partners on the dance floor, and swearing the devil they won’t be caught again for quite a while !

1. Magic Circus Gavotte - Ton simple 03:59
2. Magic Circus Gavotte - Bal 02:34
3. Magic Circus Gavotte - Ton double 04:24
4. Dans les caves de Prekodolce (kas a-barzh) 06:17
5. La moustache de Poulouche (valse) 04:04
6. Clin d'oeil aux cousins (scottish) 05:32
7. Interlude de l'auguste 00:19
8. Les Noces d'hier au soir (ronds de St Vincent) 11:24

Sylvain LEBORGNE : percussions
Romaric BOUGÉ : trompette
Vincent VALO : cellobasse, pieds
Jean-Marie LEBORGNE : guitare
Jérôme LEBORGNE : accordéon
Marie PICAUT : violon
Kevin COLAS : bombarde, clarinette
Invités :
Loïc VALO : mandoline
Matthieu RIOPEL : saxophone
Christian SEGOUIN, Gaël TRÉGOUET, Jean-Bernard PERRIN, Antoine FLOCH, Vincent ROULLIER : chœurs

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Ici à minuit

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