Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Vasmalom - Vasmalom I (1989 HUNGARY) @320

This, their first album, is apparently the first Hungarian release independent of the state record label, though made on Hungaroton’s presses. It’s full of beautiful tunes, wild and innovative instrumental textures of fiddle, double bass, bagpipe, darabuka, and, most notably, big flutes working in third and higher registers, where shrieking, slithering harmonics get so close together that whole tunes can be played up there without much need for finger-holes. The singing of Eva Molnar, though different in approach, has to it the same aura of authoritative calm which Marta Sebestyen projects, a sort of sphere of silence around the voice.
Folk Roots

01 - Aj Istenem Adj Erot A Lovamnak
02 - Hej Tok Lanyok
03 - Rab Vagyok
04 - Kecsketanc
05 - Bubanat, Bubanat
06 - Tiii-Dli-Dli-Dli Dli-Dli-Dli-Dlii
07 - Gyere Velem Katonanak
08 - Hol Jartal Barjankam
09 - Jar A Kislany
10 - Ludasim, Pajtasim!

Reõthy, Gábor (founder): mandocello, darbuka, tapan, tilinkó, hurdy-gurdy, vocal.
Papp, Ágnes: vocal.
Balogh, Kálmán: cimbalom.
Szokolai Dongó, Balázs: bagpipes, flutes, soprano sax, mongolian style singing, mouthharp. 
Nyiri, László: violin, trumpet violin.
Csuhaj Barna, Tibor: doublebass.

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