Monday, December 11, 2017

Vasmalom - Vasmalom III (1996 HUNGARY) @320

...Hungary’s Vasmalom were equally fabulous. They play Eastern European songs on so many old instruments as well as viola, fiddle, acoustic bass and the cymbalon (something like a small grand piano with the top and sides off struck with two hammer sticks.) Striking voices. In their own compositions they incorporate even more unusual instruments, one looked like a metal stand with blow holes drilled in various places. Certainly one of the discoveries of the weekend.
/W.O.M.A.D. Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

01 - Dudanóta II. - Bagpipe Song II
02 - Veres az ég... - The Sun Sets Red...
03 - Erdélyies - In Transilvanian Style
04 - Párját vesztett... - Lonely Bird
05 - Gergelytánc - Gregory Dance
06 - Porondos Víz - On The Bank Of A Sandy River
07 - A cimbalmos moldvai - The One From Moldva With The Cimbalom
08 - Szerelem II. - Love II.
09 - Viharsarokk - Viharsarock

Reőthy, Gábor (founder): mandocello, darbuka, tapan, tilinkó, hurdy-gurdy, vocal.
Papp, Ágnes: vocal.
Balogh, Kálmán: cimbalom.
Szokolai Dongó, Balázs: bagpipes, flutes, soprano sax, mongolian style singing, mouthharp. 
Nyiri, László: violin, trumpet violin.
Csuhaj Barna, Tibor: doublebass.

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Vasmalom III

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