Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ashley Hutchings & John Kirkpatrick - The Compleat Dancing Master (England 1973) @320

The legendary ASHLEY HUTCHINGS, band-leader extraordinaire, is also a multi-talented writer, arranger, producer and broadcaster. His influence and innovation are celebrated throughout the music world. The founder of Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and The Albion Band, Ashley continues to be in the forefront of English music.

01 - The Beginning of the World
02 - Reading from The Romaunt of the Rose
03 - Stantipes - Trotto
04 - Reading from Histriomastrix
05 - Nonesuch - Cuckold's All Awry
06 - The Dashing White Sergeant - The Devil Among the Tailors
07 - Reading from Much Ado About Nothing
08 - Haste to the Wedding - The Triumph - Off She Goes
09 - Reading from Analysis of Beauty
10 - Long Odds - Mr. Cosgill's Delight
11 - Reading from Sketches by Boz
12 - Bonny Breastknot - Double Lead Through
13 - Barley Break - Cushion Dance
14 - Reading from Orchesography
15 - The Hare's Maggot
16 - Sir Roger de Coverley

Bass Guitar – Ashley Hutchings
Accordion [Button], Percussion, Organ [Regal], Concertina [Anglo] – John Kirkpatrick
Alto Saxophone – Ray Warleigh
Bagpipes, Bass [Crumhorn] – Philip Pickett
Brass [Serpent] – Alan Lumsden
Cello – Alan Ward (3)
Clarinet – Richard Harvey
Drums, Percussion, Temple Block – Dave Mattacks
Drums, Triangle, Percussion, Snare [Tabor], Bass Drum – Roger Swallow (2)
Dulcimer [Hammer], Piano – Dave Kettlewell
Electric Guitar, Drums – Simon Nicol
Fiddle – Peter Knight
Hurdy Gurdy – Francis Baines
Oboe – Sue Harris
Organ [Mouth] – Terry Potter
Pipe, Snare [Tabor] – Bert Cleaver
Rebec, Viol [Tenor] – Rod Skeaping*
Spinet – Fanny Warnock
Tambourine, Percussion, Drum [Nakers] – Jeremy Montagu
Viol [Bass] – Adam Skeaping, Peter Vel
Viol [Tenor] – Loni Patt
Viol [Treble] – Elizabeth Baines, Francis Baines


CrimsonKing said...

The Compleat Dancing Master

Anonymous said...

I love Kirkpatrick.
Another time, thenk you CK.

Krinoid7 said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is one of the brilliant great albums. Not to be missed.

For a special treat, load this album into your alarm clock and wake up to it. (I used to have a cassette clock alarm with this album on tape.)


Yojik said...

Great, my friend! Many thanks!

Paul Redbeard said...

Lovely stuff!

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