Monday, January 8, 2018


Blog update notices are being made on the Facebook page only. There you can suggest new albums, updates of dead links and discuss everything about folk.

Join FB page clicking HERE.


coppinsuk said...

I refuse to use Facebook - so much rubbish contained therein.

Facebook readers are those morons who walk down the street with a coffee in one hand and a bloody mobile in the other, with no regard for anyone else.

This a pity if you take this step - a retrograde one in my opinion,

Thank you for introducing me to so much fascinating music.


Douglas (UK)

CrimsonKing said...

I agree that Facebook has many bad points, but if you use it smartly, it might be interesting. FB groups bring together people with common interests, which is the case of the FolkYourself group, where Folk music is the goal. This facilitates the dissemination of information and opens the possibility of discussion on the subject.
I do not think I'm regressing, but on the contrary, increasing the chance of interaction between group members.
It's just another spreading tool and I do not consider it as radically as you imagine it to be.
But if that bothers you, just do not use Facebook. This does not change the functioning of the blog in any way.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, no facebook for me.

I've been following your interesting folk blog for years but with this step I'll have leave.
Thank you for the fascinating music all this time


CrimsonKing said...

I think some people are confusing things. The Folk Yourself blog continues to function just as it always did.
Only instead of using Chat (which rarely works well) I suggested using a Facebook page.
If people do not like FB, just do not use it.
For the rest, nothing has changed in the blog (including the lack of thanks for the posts of each album).
It seems to me that some people just like to complain.

guregn said...

Some people hate FB because they stops on seing garbage only, but they dont use it correctly.

I'm on FB since 2008 and i follow many interesting pages about folk, folk music, events, local languages and so on and i know that it's a precious source of any kind of rare to find informations from people that compart same interest (also old people that compart his memories).

I'm really happy to read Folkyourself on FB too, many thanks.


CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Mauro, I agree with you.
This is the idea.

Jon said...

First of all thanks. I don't say it often enough either. Facebook as far as I can see it is what you make it. If sites pop up that you find suspect it's probably because you went after some related information at some point. Any site objectionable can be blocked and that is the end of that. I actually find filcher the downloader that Yojik uses much more offensive. I'm forever getting adult smut to downright porn oriented popups when I try to download something plus the time restrictions between loads etc. Of course I'm using it for nothing. As his postings are the only thing I ever go to it for I just make lists and muddle through. In the end though we get to where we want to be.

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