Sunday, January 21, 2018

Blowzabella - In Colour (1983 England) @320

1. Polka Piquée (1.37)
2. Masters of War (3.54)
3. Rutchenitsa (2.36)
4. Captain Lemo / Robin's in the Green / Epic Branle (3.54)
5. Queen Adelaide / Bricks and Mortar (4.22)
6. Epping Forest / The Rolling of the Stones / Dans-tro Plinn (5.27)
7. Bourréees One and Two (4.49)
8. Farandôle Tarascaire / Trip to Lincoln (3.50)
9. Dorset Four Hand Reel / Twin Sisters / Sidbury Four Hand Reel (5.00)
10. Spanish Jig (La Fleur de Bruyère) (3.25)
11. The French Assembly (2.58)
12. Bourréees Three and Four (5.30)

Dave Armitage: vocals, bass curtal, drums, tapan, bombard
Paul James: vocals, soprano saxophone, English bagpipes, recorder, D whistle, soprano curtal, bombard, drum, percussion, triangle
Sam Palmer: hurdy-gurdy
Dave Roberts: vocals, button accordion, melodeon, C whistle, drum
Dave Shepherd: violins, bombard
Cliff Stapleton: vocals, hurdy-gurdy, recorder
Jon Swayne: vocals, piano, Bulgarian bagpipes, English bagpipes, Flemish bagpipes, soprano saxophone, flute, recorder, D whistle, tenor curtal, bombard

Max Johnson, Dave Mitchell, John Spires: vocals
The Amnesian State Folk Ensemble
Terry Chimes: drums


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In Colour

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