Thursday, January 18, 2018

Duo Carvou / Bizien - An Amzer Gwechall (2011 France/Bretagne) @320

This excellent duo of musicians from Brittany, invite you to travel with them on traditional tunes and compositions which blends a varied repertoire.
The virtuosity is an appointment for an album of great musical quality.
They can usually be heard as members of Ozan Trio, Jamie McMenemy 4 and Deus’ta.
Malo Carvou and Bernard Bizien offer us a repertoire of Breton musique and “Swing Musette“. Seventeen years of complicity to be appreciated and share immoderately.
As musical combinations go, the duo isn’t as simple as it may seem, and the blend of wooden flute and guitar is no exception.
But in this recording the flute player Malo Carvou and the guitarist Bernard Bizien excel effortlessly with constant mutual attention, inspired interpretation, maestria, ease, splendour ... it’s all there. In short it’s art.
And in his adaptions of the musette repertoire, Malo’s virtuoso fluidity is a treat for the ear.Thanks to them both for this generous music.
Jean-Michel Veillon.

01. La gavotte passe   
02. An amzer gwechall   
03. Flambée montalbanaise   
04. Tcheu-tcheu mod koz   
05. Gavotte pour Françoise   
06. Ar Jilgamm (andro - hanter dro)   
07. Merhed er bregéreu   
08. Rêve bohémien   
09. Valse des niglos   
10. N'o ket en ho ti tavarnourez   
11. Mathew's waltz   
12. Gracieusette

Malo CARVOU : wooden flute
Bernard BIZIEN : guitar


Yojik said...

An Amzer Gwechall

rintesh said...

Thanks for sharing this gem!

Anonymous said...

"The requested file has been deleted for inactivity" ;(
Could you reupload this album?

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