Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Galandum Galundaina - Senhor Galandum (Portugal 2009) @192

Galandum Galundaina is a Portuguese quartet that in the past fifteen years has been studying the traditions of the North Eastern part of Portugal. On traditional instruments such as several types of bagpipes, flutes, hurdy gurdy, percussion and vocals the band brings the traditional music in a highly professional way. The music might remind you a lot of the Galician tradition, which isn’t that strange seen the geographical location of the areas the music comes from and the fact that Galician singer Uxia is one of the guests on this album. 

It’s amazing how modern these old melodies sometimes sound. In the third song (sorry, but the song titles are not printed in the booklet I got so I don’t know the name of this composition) the hurdy gurdy plays a melody that would suit a rock band. Besides the good instrumental parts the strong vocal parts should be mentioned as well. An album full variation with strong music by a fantastic band.

01 - Fraile Cornudo
02 - L Pandeiro
03 - Rebola La Boda
04 - Burgalesa
05 - Senhor Galandum
06 - Cabalheiralgo
07 - L Cura Stá Malo
08 - La Galhina
09 - Coquelhada Marralheira
10 - Balsa Rastreira  Heilena
11 - Modas De Baile
12 - Senhor Mio
13 - Mie Madre Tenie Un Huorto
14 - Nabos (Cun Alheiras I Bino)

PAULO PRETO: Voz, sanfona, gaita de fole mirandesa, dulçaina, flauta pastoril e tamboril.
PAULO MEIRINHOS: Voz, bombo, rabel, gaita de fole, realejo, garrafa, castanholas, pandeireta, pandeiro mirandês.
ALEXANDRE MEIRINHOS: Voz, caixa de guerra, bombo, pandeireta, pandeiro mirandês, tamboril, cântaro, almofariz.
JOÃO PRATAS: Voz, flauta pastoril, flauta de osso, tamboril, saltério, flauta transversal, 
bombo, pandeiro mirandês, charrascas.


CrimsonKing said...

Senhor Galandum
PW: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Nuno said...

Muito bom! Em mirandês... é a 2ª língua oficial em Portugal!

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