Saturday, January 27, 2018

Nordic - Hommage (Sweden 2012) @320

The Swedish trio Nordic has become in a very short time one of Sweden’s leading folk related bands. Their debut album got great reviews and their live performance are known for their fabulous craftsmanship. Time to release a second album and that one is called Hommage. This new album contains nine original, one Bela Fleck and one traditional compositions. This new album continues where the first album stopped. The three musicians evaluated their music in an even more own style, mixing traditional elements with light elements of jazz and even some kind of an acoustic rock feeling. Beautiful melodies on hardanger fele and nyckelharpa, sometimes played lightly and sparkling, other moments backed by a heavy cello or pump organ which gives the music a more earthy sound. Some of the melodies sound like I knew them for years, while others surprise me with their inventive twists and unexpected musical arrangements. A wonderful new album by this top Swedish band.
© Eelco Schilder

1. Den Första (Vinjett)    3:45
2. Bruce    4:34
3. Döden    5:55
4. The Lochs Of Dread    4:48
5. 8-bitar    4:33
6. Morsis    5:24
7. Minous Vals    4:49
8. French Elephant Walk    3:42
9. Nordic Beat    4:41
10. Håkon & Michael    3:52
11. Jösses, Polska Efter Magnus Olsson    5:00

Erik Rydvall - nyckelharpa
Magnus Zetterlund - mandolin
Anders Löfberg - cello


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doc said...

Maybe we could find a different download site? This one won't let me download.

Waters said...

Link Works Perfectly... Thank you Yojik!

Defensor784 said...

it ok

Barron said...

I don't ever like to complain when someone shares music. It's a selfless act that deserves only gratitude. I am grateful for your shares, Yojik, but I do wish you would follow Crimson King's lead and use Mega instead of Fichier.

Fichier is fast and clean, but when you post multiple albums (all of them of interest, of course) it becomes an all day or multi-day task to download them because of the wait time.
I do realize that a paid subscription is very inexpensive, but I don't use Bitcoin, and I certainly will not provide electronic transfer information to a website like Fichier. Who are they? Where are they? What is my recourse if my information is misused or stolen?

This is just my opinion, of course. You are under no obligation to take my advice. I'm just a lurker on this blog, a frequent visitor who is sometimes frustrated by the time and attention necessary to download and thus appreciate the wonderful musical treasures that you share with us. Thank you, again, for your efforts on this blog and the great stuff you make available to us.

Yojik said...

My free space on is over. Any sites?

Barron said...

Hi Yojik,

I don't upload to anything but Dropbox for a short list of friends. Thus my perspective on cyberlockers is strickly from a downloader's point of view. Dropbox actually seems to work pretty well for the Oriental Music blog.

The Music Is The Key classical blog has used Filerio for years. There is a captcha, but the downloads are fast, there are no popups, and wait times are minimal. The links seem to stay up for years. I don't know if Filerio charges a fee for storage.

I've also been impressed by It's fast and clean and handles multi-gigabyte files. Many people who use it seem to set fixed expiration dates on their links; I don't know why.

Zippyshare works great for the Twilight Zone blog. It's free, it now handles files up to 500M, and it's fast. Some folks complain about popups, but an Ad Blocker takes care of that. The downside is that files that are not downloaded regular disappear after 90 days.

Just some thoughts. Thanks again for the great music you share with us.

CrimsonKing said...

What happened with your Mega account?
You can create a new email in any mail service and use it only to login in a new Mega account. Is possible to have more than 1 account in Mega. I have 3 :)

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