Saturday, January 27, 2018

Nordic - Metropol (Sweden 2008) @320

Nordic is one of Sweden’s best and most appreciated folk music bands. With an infectious charm and joy for playing, the band has made a name for themselves both in Sweden and abroad. The successes of recent years have led to several awards and have taken the band to stages in – amongst other places – Italy, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Latvia and Norway.
Experiment to find new expression
With roots in folk music and with deep-seated knowledge the trio experiment freely in a quest for new expression. The result includes film-like compositions filled with soundscapes, rhythms, groove, reggae and improvisation. The unusual setting of cello, nyckelharpa and mandolin gives the group its own unique sound and contributes to Nordic’s experimental expression.

01. Varacion andina   
02. Skatan   
03. Begåvningsmarschen   
04. Barriären   
05. The Breakdown   
06. Av längtan av glädje   
07. Vigselregn   
08. Balsamvals   
09. Ditte i Finnskogen   
10. Sigrid och småfolket   
11. Metropolitan   
12. Efter dig

Erik Rydvall - nyckelharpa
Magnus Zetterlund - mandolin
Anders Löfberg - cello


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