Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pentangle - The Pentangle (2017 Remaster) [1968 England] @320

Pentangle's debut album is an outstanding and groundbreaking release for the times , as this was 68 . Folk had just experienced a revival in the early part of the decade and Dylan had launched folk-rock with his groundbreaking Highway 61 Revisited just a few years after. In Europe a Scotsman Donovan Leitch had become UK's answer to Dylan and had tremendous success. 
At the time of that Dylan H61R album, two Scotsman John Renbourn and Bert Jansch were both renowned folk artist a bit in the Raconteur-Troubadours tradition and had released a few albums each. Three other Scotsmen had also formed the Incredible String Band who had an outstanding series of three albums developing more than just Folk rock but mixing some psychedelic twist, other traces of medieval folk and Indian classical music. Somehow, one could not really say that they fitted well with other folk rock artist from The Byrds to Fairport Convention.
Review by Sean Trane (Prog Archives)

01 - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
02 - Bells
03 - Hear My Call
04 - Pentangling
05 - Mirage
06 - Way Behind The Sun
07 - Bruton Town
08 - Waltz
09 - Koan (Take 2) (Bonus)
10 - The Wheel (Bonus)
11 - The Casbah (Bonus)
12 - Bruton Town (Take 3) (Bonus)
13 - Hear My Call (Alternate Version) (Bonus)
14 - Way Behind The Sun (Alternate Version) (Bonus)
15 - Way Behind The Sun (Instrumental) (Bonus)
16 - Bruton Town (Take 5) (Bonus)
17 - Koan (Take 1) (Bonus)
18 - Travellin' Song (non-LP Single Version With Strings) (Bonus)
19 - Poison (August 1967 Session) (Bonus)
20 - I Got A Feeling (August 1967 Session) (Bonus)
21 - Market Song (August 1967 Session) (Bonus)

Jacqui McShee / vocals
Bert Jansch / acoustic guitar, vocals
John Renbourn / acoustic guitar, vocals
Danny Thomson / double bass
Terry Cox / drums, glockenspiel, vocals


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The Pentangle

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Thank you for this version remastered of this jewel!

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Very good post, well written.

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