Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Brenna Sahatjian - Knotted Orbits (USA - Releases March 15 2018)

Brenna Sahatjian is a Portland, OR based songwriter and musician. She makes original, layered music on cello, dulcimer, and guitar, creating a space of sonic and lyrical complexity with her music. She sings about social justice, personal stories, dreams, anti-capitalism and re-enchantment with the natural world. She is a published poet (Broken Word: Alberta Street Anthology Volume II ) and has written two zines of poetry, Buried Alive and Something Wretched Becomes Beautiful. She has toured all over the US (sometimes on a bicycle!) and her songs often touch on her solo adventures. Her lyrical voice is also shaped by her work over the years on prisoner support, forest defense, youth mentorship, and as a mental health social worker.

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