Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Whippersnapper - Tsubo (1987 England) @320

Former Fairport fiddler Dave Swarbrick leads this all-acoustic quartet through its second album (named after the Japanese word for pressure point). The result is exquisitely rendered chamber arrangements of folk forms -- sort of a British variation on Virginia's Trapezoid. 
Swarbrick and Chris Leslie play lovely twin fiddle parts against the guitars and mandolins, and everyone gets to sing at least one moving ballad.

01 - Farewell My Lovely Nancy
02 - The Pride Of Kildare
03 - Rouge and Red Shoes
04 - I Wandered By A Brookside
05 - The Seven Keys
06 - Romanitza
07 - Deneze-soues-doue (on the wall)
08 - Frank Dempsey's Lament and Joy
09 - My Little Fiddle
10 - There's A River

Dave Swarbrick, violin, mandolin, vocals;
Chris Leslie, violin, mandolin, vocals;
Kevin Dempsey, guitar, vocals;
Martin Jenkins, mandocello, mandolin, flute, vocals


CrimsonKing said...

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Twil said...

Two Whippersnapper albums in as many days, I always loved these albums, but I never thought I would see them again, thank you so much

Krinoid7 said...

I second the above!

Buck said...

Thank you very much for this, Crimson King, it's much appreciated!! Awesome site!

drizzz said...

Fine music- thank you!

Anonymous said...

never heard this before....the musicianship is out of control! thanks for turning me on to yet another new killer record!

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