Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hot Griselda - Meow! (2013 Belgium - Netherlands) @320

Hot Griselda is a Belgian/Dutch quartet which is very known in the world of the Bal folk meetings in the lowlands. Their slightly different approach gave them a big group of fans during the years. On pipes, whistles, sax, (electric) guitars and more the four musicians create a fine Celtic influenced instrumental sound. They play in a hypnotizing way their fourteen new recordings on which you will also recognize sounds from the many French traditions and even some influences from further south. It’s an album that needs time to reveal its full beauty. At first sight Meow sounds like a standard instrumental folk album. But the more you play it, the more you will hear the different layers the musicians put into the music and you discover the beauty of the melodies they play. Not only suitable for Bal folk dancing, but also a great album to listen to and enjoy.
© Eelco Schilder

1. Scheuren op de daken / The Cas Jig / Abdull's Fancy
2. MF 148 / Minitramp
3. Archibald / Ancient Mariners / Snipes
4. Las palmas
5. The Empress / New Clothes
6. Empty Streets, Blinded Windows / Ruby Susie
7. Walking Jake / Fido / Rasputin
8. Harry the Hunter
9. Blame It on the Chili / Ki mel
10. Augurka / Ameixoeira Station / The Birdies
11. The Rocket Reel / Dawdingstown / The Naked Dancer
12. Taxi Home / The Swiss Advocate / Roulette
13. White Russians / The sunnyset #2
14. Praying for a Fish / Alborada de l'empanada / Dubardu

Jeroen Geerinck: bodhran, electric guitar, guitar
Stijn van Beek: EWI, low whistle, uillean pipes
Kaspar Laval: bouzouki, electric guitar, gaita
Toon Van Mierlo: diatonic accordion, soprano saxophone, uillean pipes


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Thanks Yojik! I'd never heard of this band and wasn't even sure what Balfolk was, but tried this and they're excellent! Reminds me of Blowzabella. Thanks again!

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