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L’atelier de La Danse Populaire - Bourrées en Berry et Bourbonnais (France 1997) @160

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"L’atelier de La Danse Populaire is an association of researchers, dancers and musicians. The research (field surveys and studies of ancient documents) focuses on early dance and traditional dance and leads to theoretical and practical teaching (university courses, summer courses, regular workshops, weekends, conferences, balls). 
The aim of the l'ADP is to offer today's dancers the pleasure of a community dance practice through forms inherited from the past, without ever separating the dance from the music, giving priority to the quality of the dance. movement and linking this practice to historical, ethnological and pedagogical thinking. "

This CD, subtitled "Musiques pour l'atelier de danse" includes 18 tunes to dance any drunk Berry two or three times. Most of the tunes are traditional. Those who are not are Yvon Guilcher's compositions.

In addition to being an indispensable tool for any private instructor of workshop musician
for the teaching of bourrées du Berry and Bourbonnais, it is a work of excellent quality, very pleasant to listen to (for who loves the bourrée, the old woman and the bagpipe! ...)

01 - Suite De Bourrées À Deux Temps
02 - Suite Lente De Bourrées À Trois Temps
03 - Suite Lente De Bourrées À Trois Temps
04 - La Droite Du Pays Fort
05 - Les Moutons
06 - Bourrées À Trois Temps
07 - La Décalée
08 - Les Tisserands
09 - La Tournante Des Grandes Poteries
10 - Bourrée D'aurore Sand
11 - La Chapelotte-Plaimpied
12 - La Brande
13 - La Pastourelle
14 - Bourrée De Chambérat
15 - La Grande Bourrée Carrée
16 - La Bourrée Mussée
17 - Bourrées Chantées
18 - Bourrées À Deux Temps 

Benoît Chantran (violin)
Gabriele Coltri (bagpipes)
Christian Cuesta (vocals, violin)
Yvon Guilcher (singing, sweet flute, bagpipe)
Marc Novara (hurdy-gurdy)
Gilles Poutoux (diatonic accordions)
The voices:
Michèle Champseix, Jean Denis and Julien Dufour, Hélène Raviart


CrimsonKing said...

Bourrées en Berry et Bourbonnais

Anonymous said...

"the old woman" ? you mean hurdy gurdy


Yojik said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup. Diolch ar fawr.

Marwan said...

Any idea of the composers ?

CrimsonKing said...

Most of the tunes are traditional. Those who are not are Yvon Guilcher's compositions.

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