Thursday, April 26, 2018

Left Blank's Compil Folk 31


Left Blank said...

LB Folk 31

Hawk said...

Thank you for an other good Album appriciate your work

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this wonderful series of compilation albums. I will admit I have come late to it, as in today! I have however spent the entire day downloading them all. I know how much work went into them, just realise that it is appreciated by many like me who are fundamentally lazy and want some good compilations to play in the car without going to the trouble of making them ourselves. Thanks again!

Joseph Healy said...

My favorite tune on this volume is "The Lark In the Morning".

Anonymous said...

Ah, Left Blank,
Thank you for expanding my knowledge of artists that I have previously 'ignored' - how could I have been so blinkered!
For that, you have my sincere thanks.

Left Blank said...

This is the goal! Thank you for your nice comments.

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