Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Amorroma - Op Voyage [2001 Belgium] @192

AmoRRoma is the brainchild of Jowan Merckx, who is very much at home in early music and in traditional European dance music ‘balfolk’. In his work he is exploring new grounds trying to bring together the best of both worlds. The result of this craftmanship is a kind of gentle ‘chamber music’ you can dance to, songs to dance to and dances to sing to, well crafted melodies that cling to your ears. The music has touches of the past and still sounds new, it’s wonderfully melancholic and you can dance to it. It is original dance music that has a place on the concert stage as well.

Sarah L. Ridy, on arpa doppia, is new to the group and proves a perfect companion. She brings her skills and taste as an accomplished player and is not afraid to follow Jowan on this adventurous path. Guest musicians singer Elly Aerden and bass player Vincent Noiret contribute perfectly where necessary.

This is a personal and colourful music, a trip around central Europe, with flavours of French
chanson, valse musette and early music. It’s at the same time an exploration of new musical possibilities by skilled musicians while all the charm and the nostalgia of the dance music are still there, a wonderful combination.

1. Sandy's Smile/Lena 
2. Blinde Duiker/Toulouse or not Toulouse 
3. Alborada du val du sel/Muiñeira de Sando 
4. Windy Days/Nathan's Jig/'t Vals bewijs 
5. Rivalité 
6. Over de grens 
7. Jotie/Bourée des deux lions 
8. Alleen in het zomergras/Mazurka de la peau/Cathy's Frolics/Syracuse 
9. Muziekdoos/Hoogwater 
10. Vandalen in Horst 
11. Bicherie 
12. "Cister" of Mercy 
13. Waterloos zaad/Moemoe 

Jowan MERCKX: Dudelsack, Flûte, Percussion, Bugle  
Gregory JOLWET: Vielle à Roue [Hurdy-gurdy] 
Gérard HIRSCH: Harpe celtique 
Raquel GIGOT: Accordéon diatonique 
Pascal CHARDOME: Guitare 
Giny BEECKMAN: Hautbois 
Martin BAUER: Viola da gamba 
Rudy VELGHE: Violon 
Guido PICCARD: Epinette, Cistre 
Vincent NOIRET: Contrebasse 
Philip MASURE: Guitare 
Didier LALOY: Accordéon diatonique 
Gregorio MELGOSA: Pandereta, Bombo, Conches, Tamboril


CrimsonKing said...

Op Voyage

mustafa emre said...

thanks million times :) you are awsome

wago said...

Thank you very much for the album... Just the kind of thing I feel like listening at the moment!
But hey, publishing date seems to be 2001, not 2011 :)

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks wago.
Writing mistake. Corrected now.

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