Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Beleño - Na Ca'l Fuau (Spain - Asturias 1985) @320

Beleño was the axis of connection of the majority of those who consider ourselves heirs of what was called the "Renaissance of traditional Asturian music". Thanks to Beleño we have Llan de Cubel, Felpeyu, Xose Ambas, Corquieu and all the impressive list of musicians and folk groups that have marked history and left a mark in many festivals and concerts inside and outside our borders.
And the soul of Beleño was called Fernando Largo. A musician with capital letters, a genius, a composer and an idol for all of us, for those chiflaos that besides listening to Dire Straits, Leonard Cohen or Eric Clapton, we were not ashamed to put all the music of bagpipes, harps, violins and flutes at the astonished stare of teenagers who fell in love with Rick Astley, The Communards or The Police. (Miki López)

01 - L'estecheiro 2:46
02 - Xotas De Llaciana Ya Lleitariegus 4:32
03 - Cau'l Chouzano / Polka D'ochobre 7:33
04 - Marcha D'Anton El Neñu 3:10
05 - Pal Ximielgue La Xana 4:31
06 - Catuxa 4:49
07 - Beilla La Curuxa / Garrotin / Rumba D'Ibia) 5:25
08 - Na Ca'l Fuau 6:46

Acoustic Guitar, Voice – Nacho García Muñíz
Bagpipes, Tin Whistle, Pandeiro, Voice – Xuan Prado
Flute, Whistle, Vocals – Lluis Gómez De Benito
Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes, Voice – Fernando Largo
Mandolin, Violin, Pandeiro, Bodhrán, Voice – Frankie Delgado
Violin, Mandolin, Voice – Dani Garcia


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Na Ca'l Fuau

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Douglas (UK)

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