Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Parasol - Voyage [1996 France] @VBR

Voyage ... "This CD represents a trip for me, a trip to the Land of Dreams, emotions and dance, and of course it starts with Cabanes et du Berry with its two bourrées, a waltz and a mazurka "Musette", two gavottes of water, of wind ... and of calm, a waltz "inevitably" German, an odd scottish "italo-parasolesque" obviously, three pieces of Catherine, a "Whisper", a polska "Swedish-classical" and an "alien" mazurka, a circle for the ball and a 5-stroke waltz that "chasse les nuages" to listen to three more "cachés" pieces of Parasol history. " 
Gérard Godon

01 - Gavotte des bords de Loire
02 - Revêuse (scottish impaire)
03 - Valse de Brème (valse 3 temps)
04 - Souffle dAnges (mazurka)
05 - Murmure
06 - Adèle (polska)
07 - Mazurka de l'ancien temps
08 - Chasse les nuages (valse 5 temps)
09 - Cercle des ronds (cercle circassien)
10 - Trois couleurs (valse 3 temps)
11 - Gavotte de Sancerre
12 - La dégagée (bourree 3 temps)
13 - Bourrée des grandes poteries
14 - Scottish Cajun
15 - Bourrée des grandes poteries... muette

Gérard Godon : Accordéon
Catherine Grimault : Violon


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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, CK.

Anonymous said...

Looking for "Continental Reel" by Italian band Birkin Tree.


CrimsonKing said...

OK Franco. I will post it.

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