Saturday, December 22, 2018

Pamela Wyn Shannon - Courting Autumn (USA / Wales 2007) @320

Thanks to graaf24!
"A Most Beautiful Album...(Pamela's) singing is gentle and sensitive, and (she) creates a lovely and slightly strange atmosphere - but also occasionally a very unsettling one - that last verse of Cold Blows the Wind made me shiver. I loved Netherworld, and the subtle insistence of the arrangement. And of course I loved Ca' The Yowes - the sitar so haunting and so appropriate, curiously enough. (Pamela's) version of the song is utterly lovely, so sweetly poignant…It was one of the mother's and my grandmother's favourite songs, and we sang it a lot at home when I was growing up."

01. O Bittersweet Dear Madeline
02. Tis Rambletide In Ambleside
03. Courting Autumn
04. Woolgathering
05. Ca' The Yowes
06. September's Way
07. Pipkin
08. Michaelmastide
09. Netherworld
10. Vespertine Autumn
11. Cold Blows The Wind
12. Fare-Thee-Forlorn

Pamela Wyn Shannon: guitar, vocals, mountain dulcimer, banjo. glockenspiel, harmonium, bowed psaltery, string Arrangement
Bill Shontz: recorders & recorder arrangement
Liz Knowles: violin, viola, cello, cello reversed, string Arrangement
Michelle Kinney: cello
Kathlean Lawrence: spinning wheel
Chris Hale: sitar, backing vocals
Stephan Katz: cello
Ethan Hazzard-Watkins: violin
Anna Patton: clarinet & penny whistle


Yojik said...

Courting Autumn

graaf24 said...

Thanks for share this beautiful album.

flyra said...

INCREDIBLE, just INCREDIBLE! A real gem, a true miracle!
I can't thank you enough for this treasure!

Yojik said...

Thanks for you, graaf24!

Yojik said...

to ffyra:
You`re welcome! Thanks for good words.

Psychfan said...

Many thanks!

magus said...

This is lovely. Thank you so much.

Yojik said...

to Psychfan and magus:

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