Friday, February 15, 2019

Thalweg - Berbèro.Celtic (France 2001) [320]

2000, Arcueil, Île-de-France, France
Hocine Boukella (vocals, guitar),
Marc Israël (bass), Samy Chiboub (drums),
Moulay Aït Si Ahmed (guitar),
Manu Le Houezec (flute, saxophone, bombarde),
Amine Chaffaï (violin)

01 - Toughach Ajejig
02 - Aman
03 - Tchina
04 - Ad Ezzi Ssaâ
05 - Tala
06 - Khamsa
07 - Win A Win
08 - Aurés

Information from a concert performed (when???) with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra:

Hocine Boukella: guitar and voice
Clément Janinet: violin
Michel Sikiotakis: flute and saxophone
Khiliff Miziallaoua: guitar
Eric Rakotoarivony: bass
Hervé Le Bouché: drums
Amar Chaoui: percussion

In its relatively short career, Thalweg has brought together, with impeccable
originality, the traditions of the sun and the desert with those of rain, fog and
leafy woods, the south Mediterranean with the landscapes of the North Atlantic. With this apparently antagonistic fusion of cultures, the members of Thalweg have brought together words, melodies, rhythms and sonorities of such diverse origins that would otherwise seem irreconcilable. An idea that combines Celtic melodies with subtle hybrids from jazz and other popular music, and is finally spiced with the joy and vitality of Berber rhythms.


William said...

Wow, what a great find! Thank you very much for the Thalweg!

coppinsuk said...

Does not seem to work?!

Would be obliged if you can rectify.

Many thanks.


Skylamb said...

@coppinsuk. The password is folkyourself

CrimsonKing said...

The problem is the download link, not the password.
I couldn't find my copy, so, can you re-up this, please?

Jonathan Wootton said...


There are one to may http refs in the link address: https://https//!PE9nAYzK!B8hjOwL2eqdpBmPFe39JTiGtxteAQVeQXR5DceYJkOQ

If you remove in the address line the second https// the site is given with the Thalweg download.


Skylamb said...

Thank you Jonty. My computer is down. I don't know whether I can edit my post to remove the extra https.

CrimsonKing said...


Thalweg - Berbèro.Celtic
Password: folkyourself

coppinsuk said...

Now the link seems to upload into my JDownloader - hopefully it will now play after downloading.

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Douglas (UK)

Karin said...

You found it again! Wonderful!

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