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Fairport Convention - Myths and Heroes (2015 England) @320

Myths and Heroes is a 2015 studio album from electric folk band Fairport Convention. 
Recording for the album began in March 2014 and concluded in November. During their winter tour at the beginning of the year, the band played some of the material destined for the album as a taster for their live audience. The album became available for pre-order on the Fairport Convention website from January 1st 2015 (and was also available at all shows on the band's subsequent tour) and was released officially in March, along with limited edition Vinyl copies of the album.

01. Myths And Heroes (Chris Leslie) 03:21
02. Clear Water (Ralph McTell) 04:00
03. The Fylde Mountain Time - Roger Bucknaill's Polka (Chris Leslie, Dave Pegg) 03:09
04. Theodore's Song (Chris Leslie) 04:55
05. Love At First Sight (Chris Leslie) 03:53
06. John Condon (Richard Laird, Sam Starrett, Tracey McRory) 05:54
07. The Gallivant (Ric Sanders) 04:59
08. The Man In The Water (Rob Beattie) 03:57
09. Bring Me Back My Feathers (Anna Ryder) 03:58
10. Grace And Favour (Chris Leslie) 04:23
11. Weightless - The Gravity Reel (James Wood, Chris Leslie) 04:03
12. Home (PJ Wright) 04:15
13. Jonah's Oak (Ric Sanders) 03:57

Simon Nicol - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Dave Pegg - vocals, bass guitar, bass ukulele, double bass, bouzouki, mandolin, tenor banjo
Chris Leslie - vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, violin, banjo, celtic harp, tenor guitar, chromatic harmonica, whistle
Ric Sanders - violin, keyboards, ukulele, bass ukulele
Gerry Conway - drums, percussion
Matt Pegg - bass guitar on tracks 1,4,10,12
Joe Broughton - violin on "The Gallivant"
Paloma Trigas, Aria Trigas - violin on "The Gallivant"
Rob Spalton - trumpet on "The Gallivant"
Jake Thornton, Benjamin Hill - alto saxophone on "The Gallivant"
Emma Jones - tenor saxophone on "The Gallivant"

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Loreena McKennitt - Live In San Francisco At The Palace Of Fine Arts (1994 Canada) @320

Promo-only CD that was sold exclusively through Loreena's website ( There are two versions of this disc, both for sale only through her website. There was a first version with full artwork but only 6 tracks, and then there's this one that was made only for radio stations and other promotional stuff. This is a more complete version of the same concert with 10 tracks.

01 - The Mystic's Dream 7:25
02 - Santiago 5:25
03 - She Moved Through The Fair 5:37
04 - Between The Shadows 4:18
05 - The Stolen Child 5:29
06 - The Dark Night Of The Soul 6:19
07 - Marrakesh Night Market 6:44
08 - The Lady Of Shalott 8:51
09 - The Bonny Swans 6:56
10 - Prospero's Speech 4:17

Loreena McKennitt: Vocals, Keyboards, Harpe
Brian Hughes: Guitars, Oud
Hugh Marsh: Violin
Rick Lazar: Percussion
Steve Lucas: Bass
Kiki Misumi: Cello, Keyboards

Monday, March 18, 2019

Kormorán - Folk & Roll (Hungary 1984) @320

Back then, in the 60s and 70s, Hungary had a strong rock movement (though only few bands like OMEGA and, in lesser degree, LOCOMOTIV GT became known outside the Eastern Bloc). And Hungary has rich folk traditions. KORMORÁN were probably the first who combined these parts in absolutely natural, organic way.
Founded in 1976, the band released a couple of singles, took part in ''Kőműves Kelemen'' rock opera, came through some line-up changes and only in 1984 released their first LP ''Folk & Roll''. The title says it all: folk traditions and rock power. In many ways it was a revolutionary record. ''Folk & Roll'' defined the band's future sound for many years, most of these songs became classics and were re-recorded, live and in studio, by different KORMORÁN line-ups. Many of them are played in concerts till now. And, last but not least, songs are memorable.

This album does not contain long epics, but songs are quite complex in structure, have good contrasts between lighter and heavier parts, the interplay between acoustic (violin, flute, bagpipes, Turkish pipe) and electric rock instruments is masterful. There is a lot of things to discover with each new listen.

The release of ''Folk & Roll'' made it evident that a unique band, powerful, versatile and at the same time very Hungarian in nature, was born. Personally I prefer some later KORMORÁN records, but nothing would be possible without this short (by today's standards) album. Essential part of the band's discography. Highly recommended.

Prog Archives - NotAProghead 

01 - Zöld Szemű Rózsa
02 - Védelmezz!
03 - Egy Ágyon Egy Kenyéren
04 - Trák Attak
05 - Alig Volt Zöld
06 - Ne Sírj
07 - Ilju Haramia
08 - Ha Meghalok
09 - Gyere Ki, Te Gyöngyvirág
10 - Adjon Az Isten
11 - Macedon Expressz
12 - Jöjj Be Szobámba
- Péter Gál / violin, vocals
- Gergely Koltay / folk shwn, bagpipe, flute, recorder, zhiter, vocals
- József Margit / bass guitar, vocals
- László Neumayer / drums, percussion, vocals
Guest musicians:
- Szilveszter Jenei / acoustic guitar, electric guitars, vocals
- Endre Csillag / guitar
- László Dés / soprano saxophone
- Kamilla Dévai Nagy / vocals
- Poliviosz Korogiannopulosz / Turkish chash
- Gyula Papp / Hammond organ
- Csaba Szíjgyártó / viola, violin
- Levente Szörényi / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bird-percussion

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tuenda - Tuenda 3 ( 2011 Asturias / Spain) @320

1. Ronda de Tarna.
2. Xirandilles de Cardo.
3. Boda ya muñeira de Tormaleo.
4. Romance de la Serrana.
5. Xirandilles de L'Esllavayu.
6. Cantar del goxeiru.
7. Danza de Cortes.
8. Ca Sindo.
9. El miou maridín.
10. Aguinaldo de San Xuan y guilandu La Robellada.
11. Cantares de Navidá d'Urria.
12. L.lixera de La Malvea / Cadorna.
13. Cantar de Mazar.
14. Muñeira de Perl.lunes

Monday, March 11, 2019

Tuenda - Tuenda (Asturias / Spain) @320

01. Non, non, Maruxa
02. Xuoves Santu
03. Aguilandos de Las Murias ya Pandu
04. L'Arrobáu/La Florentina
05. Danza de Tameza
06. El Rosco
07. El Ramu de Suarías
08. Buena pro y ḥoguera
09. Llixeros
10. El vieyu
11. Añada de Miyares
12. Ñon hai tal andar
13. Ramu de Vidal
14. Xotas d'Urría ya Sotu'l Barcu
15. Gerineldo
16. Pa Roma
17. La Fogueira

Ogam - Li Ma To [1995 Italy] @320

Finally, in a renewed guise, the reissue of the first record work of the Ogam, the one that made the music of the Marches group known to fans of World music. A meticulous and prestigious work that enhances the group's great predisposition to assemble different traditional musical cultures. The original compositions tell of travels, of ancestral sensations and are dedicated to one of the greatest Italian orientalists: Matteo Ricci, called by the Chinese precisely Li Ma To, a Jesuit father who in the sixteenth century. first he succeeded in entering the Celestial Empire and making known the Christian religion and Western culture.

01 - Li Ma To
02 - Idea
03 - Aria
04 - Sona
05 - Pokhara
06 - Kafka
07 - Cavaliere Tedesco
08 - Orient Express
09 - Like Wake Dirge
10 - Principe Della Notte
11 - Ballo In Re Minore
12 - Pamir

Angelo Casagrande: cello, electric bass, darabouka, caxixi, bouzouki, Indian drums, vocal
Luciano Monceri: Acoustic and electric guitars, celtic harp, guitar synt
Maurizio Serafini: uillean pipes, highland bagpipe, whistles, khaen, harmonica, Chinese oboe
Alessandro Svampa: drums
Stefano Conforti: oboe, sax
Monica Cotechini: fiddle, violin.

Friday, March 8, 2019

John Renbourn Group - John Barleycorn (1996 England) @320

A compilation of recordings by the John Renbourn Group from 1977 to 1980.

01 - Pavane 'belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie' Tourdion
02 - Maid On The Shore
03 - Death And The Lady
04 - Truth From Above
05 - Schafertanz Nachtanz
06 - My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
07 - John Barleycorn
08 - Blackwater Side
09 - Gypsy Dance
10 - Jews Dance
11 - Bold Young Farmer
12 - Sidi Brahim
13 - Talk About Suffering

Monday, March 4, 2019

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