Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fairport Convention - Myths and Heroes (2015 England) @320

Myths and Heroes is a 2015 studio album from electric folk band Fairport Convention. 
Recording for the album began in March 2014 and concluded in November. During their winter tour at the beginning of the year, the band played some of the material destined for the album as a taster for their live audience. The album became available for pre-order on the Fairport Convention website from January 1st 2015 (and was also available at all shows on the band's subsequent tour) and was released officially in March, along with limited edition Vinyl copies of the album.

01. Myths And Heroes (Chris Leslie) 03:21
02. Clear Water (Ralph McTell) 04:00
03. The Fylde Mountain Time - Roger Bucknaill's Polka (Chris Leslie, Dave Pegg) 03:09
04. Theodore's Song (Chris Leslie) 04:55
05. Love At First Sight (Chris Leslie) 03:53
06. John Condon (Richard Laird, Sam Starrett, Tracey McRory) 05:54
07. The Gallivant (Ric Sanders) 04:59
08. The Man In The Water (Rob Beattie) 03:57
09. Bring Me Back My Feathers (Anna Ryder) 03:58
10. Grace And Favour (Chris Leslie) 04:23
11. Weightless - The Gravity Reel (James Wood, Chris Leslie) 04:03
12. Home (PJ Wright) 04:15
13. Jonah's Oak (Ric Sanders) 03:57

Simon Nicol - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Dave Pegg - vocals, bass guitar, bass ukulele, double bass, bouzouki, mandolin, tenor banjo
Chris Leslie - vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, violin, banjo, celtic harp, tenor guitar, chromatic harmonica, whistle
Ric Sanders - violin, keyboards, ukulele, bass ukulele
Gerry Conway - drums, percussion
Matt Pegg - bass guitar on tracks 1,4,10,12
Joe Broughton - violin on "The Gallivant"
Paloma Trigas, Aria Trigas - violin on "The Gallivant"
Rob Spalton - trumpet on "The Gallivant"
Jake Thornton, Benjamin Hill - alto saxophone on "The Gallivant"
Emma Jones - tenor saxophone on "The Gallivant"


CrimsonKing said...

Myths and Heroes

Crab Devil said...

Thank you!

CrimsonKing said...

You're welcome Crab :)

Greenmanharper said...

Wow, what a treasure! Thank you so much!

CrimsonKing said...

Enjoy Greenmanharper.

Buck said...

Thanks CK, for yet another fantastic post! Much appreciated!

FishGuy said...

Thank you! I'm looking forward to this one very much. Fairport are a favorite band!

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