Sunday, April 28, 2019

Vilsevind - Dag o Natt (Argentina/Sweden 2019) @320

Vilsevind is the new band of Sergio and Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson (ex Huldreslåt). The name (pronounced Vílsevind) means "errant wind" in Swedish and describes the essence of his music perfectly: a musical journey on the back of the boreal winds, crossing the seas of the North in search of new horizons. Founded in the year 2017 by the Argentine Sergio Ribnikov Gunnarsson and the Swedish Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson, their music can be categorized as Swedish folk (Nordic folk, Scandinavian folk) and shares many characteristics with Celtic music and fantasy / epic movie music.

01. Ingång: dag 02:06
02. Fuego 03:05
03. Ödeblues 04:05
04. Flat White / Elfshot 03:50
05. Thorsten fiskare 06:14
06. Majsol 05:06
07. Törnetaggsnår 03:50
08. Virvelsinn 05:36
09. Kalabalik 04:02
10. Tusentals färdas 04:34
11. Utgång: natt 02:37
12. Oración (Bonus Track) 05:00

Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson – Vocals, Concertina.
Sergio Ribnikov Gunnarsson – Vocals, Irish bouzouki, Guitar, Mandilin, Hurdy Gurdy, Jaw's Harp, Offerdalspipa.
Albert Castillo Asenjo – Bodhrán
Alejandro Sganga - Fiddle
Alejo Nobili – Cretan lyra, Sarange, Percussion. 
Carlos Yoder - Percussion.
Félix Pérez - Guitar.
Lucas de Carlo – Percussion
Manuel Villar Lifac - Contrabass, Cello, Sitar.
Martín Corrupio - Hurdy Gurdy.
Patricio Villarejo - Cello.
Piotr Nowotinic - Hurdy Gurdy, Bawu.
Samuel Izcaray - Viola, Violin.
Santiago Molina – Galician bagpipe, Irish Flute, Low Whistle, bansuri.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Topette!! - Chez Michel EP (2015 England / France)@320

Some bands are meant to be. The new Anglo-French acoustic dance band Topette is one such…a collective of uninhibited musical adventurers playing self-penned and traditional music from anywhere with a winning mix of bonhomie and grit.

1.Bourree Morvandelle / La Lustree 03:26
2.Meatballs Whiskey and Beer 04:16
3.Deule Duece / RSB 03:54
4.Maybe Macedonian? 03:55
5.Spots Tail 03:50
6.Hamouda / Droneless 03:00
7.The Almond and the Olive 05:00
Andy Cutting - Diatonic Button Accordion
Julien Cartonnet - Bagpipes and Banjo
James Delarre - Violin
Tania Buisse - Bodhran
Barnaby Stradling - Acoustic Bass Guitar

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Toctoctoc - Bonsoir Clara ! (2009 France) @320

A door opens and admits these three musicians who crossed their musical horizons to investigate the fantastic world of the dance. It is thus about a meeting, about an alliance between the power of the voice and about the hurdy-gurdy of Anne-Lise Foy and about the volcanoes of Auvergne, about the ardour of the bagpipe and about the clarinet of Vincent Boniface & about the Valley of Aosta (French-speaking region of Italy) and of the strength of the accordion diatonic of Stéphane Milleret & alpine mountains.
In the crossroads of these three trans-regionalist cultures, is born a universe profoundly human around the European traditional music. The pleasure to make people dance, to unite them & to propose them always a different play, starts then creativity in the research for an original & unpublished directory.
The music of Toctoctoc arises especially from the friendship between the components of the group. They arise from apparently different realities within the vast panorama of the traditional music managing to produce a new tone in a formation of the most classic : the Trio hurdy-gurdy / bagpipe / accordion. The directory is completely unpublished & consisted for the dance, dips into the contemporary sensibility inheritance of the minimal music, the rock, the jazz and the composed songs. The rhythmic & melodic colour of the singing and the trad music satisfies the ears, which listen to, and the feet, which dance in a dimension sometimes intimate & often full of energy & life.

1. Nous, D'un Côté / Vache Folle (Scottish) 7:15
2. La Bohème De Marcel (Valse) 4:32
3. Boing (Andro) 4:55
4. Rossigolet Du Bois (Bourrée 2t) 4:09
5. Vici Luna (Gavotte De L'aven Caresse) 4:56
6. Dans Les Grandes Largeurs (Bourrée 3t) 3:31
7. La Rumeur Est Née Chez Léon (Suite Plinn) 9:37
8. Tom / Tomette (Bourrée 2t) 6:28
9. La Délaissée (Gavotte) 9:24
Vincent BONIFACE : bagpipe, clarinet, percussions
Anne-Lise FOY : vocals, hurdy-gurdy
Stéphane MILLERET : diatonic accordion , accordina

Monday, April 1, 2019

John Renbourn Group - Live in America (1982 England) @320

Originally a two-LP set, this 70-minute concert CD recorded on April 16, 1981 in San
Francisco features the core of the band that appeared on The Enchanted Garden — Jacqui McShee on vocals, Tony Roberts on flute, krumhorn, and pipes, John Molineaux on dulcimer, violin, and mandolin, and Keshav Sathe playing the tabla. The repertory is rooted, of course, in English folk music, including "The Trees They Grow High," a beautiful a cappella number ("Ye Mariners All"), and "John Barleycorn Is Dead." Renbourn's playing is showcased throughout, most notably on "English Dance," a dazzling 3½-minute guitar solo; "Breton Dance," by contrast, is a vehicle for the entire band. McShee's crystalline vocals hold much of the spotlight, and the disc is worth owning just for her performance, her presence making this as valuable as any Pentangle release.

01 - Lindsay
02 - Ye Mainers All
03 - English Dance
04 - The Cruel Mother
05 - Breton Dances
06 - The Trees They Grow High
07 - Farewell Nancy
08 - Van Diemanx's Land
09 - High Germany
10 - Sidi Brahim
11 - The Month of May is Past-Night Orgies
12 - John Dory
13 - So Early in the Spring
14 - Fair Flower
15 - John Barleycorn is Dead

Recorded at the The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. April 18,1981.

John Renbourn: Guitar, Vocals
John Molineux: Dulcimer, Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
Tony Roberts: Flute, Crumhorn, Bagpipes [Northumbrian Small Pipes], Harmony Vocals
Keshav Sathe: Tabla
Jacqui McShee: Vocals

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