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John Renbourn Group - Live in America (1982 England) @320

Originally a two-LP set, this 70-minute concert CD recorded on April 16, 1981 in San
Francisco features the core of the band that appeared on The Enchanted Garden — Jacqui McShee on vocals, Tony Roberts on flute, krumhorn, and pipes, John Molineaux on dulcimer, violin, and mandolin, and Keshav Sathe playing the tabla. The repertory is rooted, of course, in English folk music, including "The Trees They Grow High," a beautiful a cappella number ("Ye Mariners All"), and "John Barleycorn Is Dead." Renbourn's playing is showcased throughout, most notably on "English Dance," a dazzling 3½-minute guitar solo; "Breton Dance," by contrast, is a vehicle for the entire band. McShee's crystalline vocals hold much of the spotlight, and the disc is worth owning just for her performance, her presence making this as valuable as any Pentangle release.

01 - Lindsay
02 - Ye Mainers All
03 - English Dance
04 - The Cruel Mother
05 - Breton Dances
06 - The Trees They Grow High
07 - Farewell Nancy
08 - Van Diemanx's Land
09 - High Germany
10 - Sidi Brahim
11 - The Month of May is Past-Night Orgies
12 - John Dory
13 - So Early in the Spring
14 - Fair Flower
15 - John Barleycorn is Dead

Recorded at the The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. April 18,1981.

John Renbourn: Guitar, Vocals
John Molineux: Dulcimer, Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
Tony Roberts: Flute, Crumhorn, Bagpipes [Northumbrian Small Pipes], Harmony Vocals
Keshav Sathe: Tabla
Jacqui McShee: Vocals


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Live in America

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Thank you so much for all the great uploads. Just started getting into British folk a month ago and alreay felt like i listened to everyhing it got. got to know some good albums here

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