Saturday, April 6, 2019

Toctoctoc - Bonsoir Clara ! (2009 France) @320

A door opens and admits these three musicians who crossed their musical horizons to investigate the fantastic world of the dance. It is thus about a meeting, about an alliance between the power of the voice and about the hurdy-gurdy of Anne-Lise Foy and about the volcanoes of Auvergne, about the ardour of the bagpipe and about the clarinet of Vincent Boniface & about the Valley of Aosta (French-speaking region of Italy) and of the strength of the accordion diatonic of Stéphane Milleret & alpine mountains.
In the crossroads of these three trans-regionalist cultures, is born a universe profoundly human around the European traditional music. The pleasure to make people dance, to unite them & to propose them always a different play, starts then creativity in the research for an original & unpublished directory.
The music of Toctoctoc arises especially from the friendship between the components of the group. They arise from apparently different realities within the vast panorama of the traditional music managing to produce a new tone in a formation of the most classic : the Trio hurdy-gurdy / bagpipe / accordion. The directory is completely unpublished & consisted for the dance, dips into the contemporary sensibility inheritance of the minimal music, the rock, the jazz and the composed songs. The rhythmic & melodic colour of the singing and the trad music satisfies the ears, which listen to, and the feet, which dance in a dimension sometimes intimate & often full of energy & life.

1. Nous, D'un Côté / Vache Folle (Scottish) 7:15
2. La Bohème De Marcel (Valse) 4:32
3. Boing (Andro) 4:55
4. Rossigolet Du Bois (Bourrée 2t) 4:09
5. Vici Luna (Gavotte De L'aven Caresse) 4:56
6. Dans Les Grandes Largeurs (Bourrée 3t) 3:31
7. La Rumeur Est Née Chez Léon (Suite Plinn) 9:37
8. Tom / Tomette (Bourrée 2t) 6:28
9. La Délaissée (Gavotte) 9:24
Vincent BONIFACE : bagpipe, clarinet, percussions
Anne-Lise FOY : vocals, hurdy-gurdy
Stéphane MILLERET : diatonic accordion , accordina


Yojik said...

Bonsoir Clara!

gestViewer said...

Many thanks for this brilliant album. I love the singer's voice.

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, guestViewer.

SieurK said...

i love toc toc toc! Great! Many thanks !

Yojik said...

You`re welcome!

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