Sunday, April 28, 2019

Vilsevind - Dag o Natt (Argentina/Sweden 2019) @320

Vilsevind is the new band of Sergio and Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson (ex Huldreslåt). The name (pronounced Vílsevind) means "errant wind" in Swedish and describes the essence of his music perfectly: a musical journey on the back of the boreal winds, crossing the seas of the North in search of new horizons. Founded in the year 2017 by the Argentine Sergio Ribnikov Gunnarsson and the Swedish Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson, their music can be categorized as Swedish folk (Nordic folk, Scandinavian folk) and shares many characteristics with Celtic music and fantasy / epic movie music.

01. Ingång: dag 02:06
02. Fuego 03:05
03. Ödeblues 04:05
04. Flat White / Elfshot 03:50
05. Thorsten fiskare 06:14
06. Majsol 05:06
07. Törnetaggsnår 03:50
08. Virvelsinn 05:36
09. Kalabalik 04:02
10. Tusentals färdas 04:34
11. Utgång: natt 02:37
12. Oración (Bonus Track) 05:00

Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson – Vocals, Concertina.
Sergio Ribnikov Gunnarsson – Vocals, Irish bouzouki, Guitar, Mandilin, Hurdy Gurdy, Jaw's Harp, Offerdalspipa.
Albert Castillo Asenjo – Bodhrán
Alejandro Sganga - Fiddle
Alejo Nobili – Cretan lyra, Sarange, Percussion. 
Carlos Yoder - Percussion.
Félix Pérez - Guitar.
Lucas de Carlo – Percussion
Manuel Villar Lifac - Contrabass, Cello, Sitar.
Martín Corrupio - Hurdy Gurdy.
Patricio Villarejo - Cello.
Piotr Nowotinic - Hurdy Gurdy, Bawu.
Samuel Izcaray - Viola, Violin.
Santiago Molina – Galician bagpipe, Irish Flute, Low Whistle, bansuri.


CrimsonKing said...

Dag o Natt

Faouzi said...

Thank you, Crimson King, for introducing me to this band.
And even more thanks for the information that the name Vilsevind is indeed pronounced Vilsevind! That put a smile on my face ... ;-)
Faouzi (pronounced Faouzi)

Jon said...

I've been following these two on facebook for some time. I am thrilled to find they finally have a full length release out. The snippets of individual tracks I have heard I have been most impressed with. Now we need some Huldreslat from whence they came!! Thanks CK!!

Jon said...

FYI It appears the group from whence they came, Huldreslat, only had one cd release. It is available in its entirety on YouTube and is excellent.

CrimsonKing said...

I will ask Sergio if I can share this in FY.

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