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Oisín - Oisín (1976 Ireland)

This 70s Irish folk group comprised Geraldine MacGowan (b. Dublin, Eire; vocals, bodhran) and, joining in the early 80s, Anne Conroy (accordion). Oisín’s 1987Winds Of Change, on Tara Records, was largely credited to MacGowan and Conroy but were supplemented by Davy Spillane (uillean pipes, low whistle), Tom McDonagh (bouzouki), Brian O’Connor (flute, whistle), Maire Bhreathnach (fiddle), Gerry O’Connor (fiddle), Steve Cooney (bass, synthesizer), Noel Bridgeman (percussion), and Shay MacGowan (vocals, guitar).

In the 80s MacGowan, with her husband Shay, opened an Irish pub and music venue in Hannover, Germany. She continues to peform and record into the new millennium. In 1990 Conroy married the respected accordianist, Joe Burke (b. 1939), and togther they perform as a duo.

01 - A1 - Doherty's Jig / Donnybrook Fair
02 - A2 - Geordie
03 - A3 - The Old Grey Goose
04 - A4 - I Was A Young Man
05 - A5 - Oh Ro My Johnny / Terry's Travels
06 - B1 - Farewell To Nova Scotia
07 - B2 - The Maple Leaf / Man Of Arran
08 - B3 - The Peeler And The Goat / The Humours Of Whiskey (Guitar – Paul Brady)
09 - B4 - The Walk Of The Fiddlers Bride
10 - B5 - Love Is Teasing
11 - B6 - Cherish The Ladies

Bouzouki – Tom McDonagh
Fiddle, Vocals – Mick Davis
Guitar, Vocals – Seamus McGowan
Mandolin – Brian McDonagh
Producer – Paul Brady
Recorded By – Paul Waldron
Recorder, Vocals, Bodhrán – Geraldine McGowan

Geraldine MacGowan Band - Somewhere Along the Road (2004 Ireland)

This long awaited recording from the Geraldine Mac Gowan Band is a rare and beautiful collection of songs from the vaults of Irish Tradition to the wealth of modern-day storytellers, together with newly written compositions from long time collaborator Brian O’Connor, all delivered with the confidence and grace of a true musical traveller.

01 - Lover In Erin
02 - Someone I Used To Love
03 - Midnight Ladies And The Diet Reel
04 - Go From My Window
05 - The Pretty Little Pistols
06 - Dimming Of The Day
07 - Back Smiling Again
08 - The Lark In The Morning (The High Walls Of Derry)
09 - Border Town
10 - Maggies Mushy Peas And The Down Jig
11 - Somewhere Along The Road

Geraldine Mac Gowan: vocals
Brian O’Connor: whistle, low whistle & vocals
Eamonn de Barra: piano, bodhran & vocals
Shane McGowan: guitars, bass & vocals
Cormac de Barra: irish harp
Wayne Sheahy: percussion

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Geraldine MacGowan & Friends - Reconciliation (1995 Ireland)

The one-time singer in the band Oisin touches you with ballads and folksongs of feeling, traditional consciousness without schmaltz or pathos. With a heart warming voice, she sings poetic traditionals and contemporary songs including two compositions by her guitarist and previous Oisin colleague, Chris Jones. Swinging instrumentals in which Brian O’Connor proves his talent on flute and tin whistle, beautifully supplement the softest vocal pieces of Geraldine MacGowan.”A moving and fine album, oozing with substence and style.” 
(Hot Press Magazine)

01. West Coast Of Clare 5:28
02. Jealousy 3:58
03. Whatever Goes Around Comes Around 4:22
04. Rottweilers Set-The Groves-Caislean An Oir 5:47
05. Never Get Enough Of You 4:36
06. Angel Of Paradise 3:59
07. Bonnie And Cloyde Set - Boyles-The Fisher 4:44
08. The Lowlands Of Holland 5:01
09. Liffey Banks-Spike Island Lassies 4:30
10. Reconciliation 5:12
11. Whatever Goes Around Comes Around (reprise) 2:09

Geraldine Mac Gowan: Vocals.
Chris Jones: Guitars, Sequencer Programming, Vocals.
Brian O'Connor: Flute, Tin Whistle, Synth Bass on track 1
Shay Mac Gowan: Vocals.
Johannes Eichenauer: Keyboards.
Frieder Gottwald: Bass.
Michael Witzel: Percussion.
Frank Mulcahy: Accordion.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Battlefield Band - Scottish Folk - Farewell to Nova Scotia (1976 Scotland) @320

Farewell to Nova Scotia is Battlefield Band's debut (studio) album. It was first released on LP in 1976 on the Breton label Arfolk as Scottish Folk and on the Escalibur label as Volume I - Farewell to Nova Scotia
A1 - Richmond - Le Reel Du Pendu  2:33
A2 - Farewell To Nova Scotia  4:20
A3 - Denis Murphy's Slide  2:33
A4 - The Bonny Whaling Laddie  5:15
A5 - The Bonny Wee Lassie Who Never Said No  3:13
A6 - Pipe Tunes  6:10
B1 - The Rybuck Shearer  4:45
B2 - The Fourposter Bed - Staten Island - Colonel Rodney  3:07
B3 - The Back O'Benachie  5:05
B4 - Revie's Reel - Mary McMahon  2:50
B5 - The Forfar Sodger  3:13
B6 - Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore  5:37

Brian McNeill: fiddle, vocals
Alan Reid: keyboards, vocals
Ricky Starrs: guitar, mandolin, vocals

Kentigern - Kentigern (1979 Scotland) @VBR192

Kentigern was a group formed in 1978 out of a regular session at the Victoria Bar, Glasgow. 
This was a band who realised the increased range of variation which could be achieved by having more members, at a time when larger groups were relatively uncommon. This put them at the forefront of a musical development which increasingly saw individual band members being given opportunities to lead sets or take solo numbers, thus helping to inspire many others.
A1 - Culen Bay-Jig O' Slurs-Seagull  4:19
A2 - The Corncrake  3:57
A3 - Breton Tunes-Greenwoodside  3:52
A4 - The Weary Farmers  2:30
A5 - Pipe Major Donald McLean Of Lewis-The Weavers Of Newley-Kail And Pudding-Loch Roag  3:28
A6 - The Iron Horse  2:20
B1 - The Last O' The Tinkler  4:18
B2 - Rathven Market-The Conundrum  3:03
B3 - Gin I Were Shot O' Her  2:08
B4 - Hebridean Air-The Braes Of Tulimet-The Braes Of Mellinish  3:35
B5 - Wild Roving No More  4:30
B6 - Put Me In The Great Chest-The Three Peaks Of South Uist-South Uist  2:23

Jim Barnes: cittern, guitar, vocals;
Sylvia Barnes: vocals, dulcimer, guitar, bodhrán;
John Gagahan: whistle;
Jimmy McGuire: fiddle, banjo;
Dougie Pincock: pipes, whistle;
Sandy Stanage: cittern, guitar, banjo

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Huldreslåt - Vallfärd Och Viljevandring (Argentina/Sweden 2015) @VBR

We are Huldreslåt, a Swedish-Argentine trio that perform Nordic Folk music with a particular taste of the Baltic island of ‪Öland‬.

01 - Genklang Från Det Förflutna (intro)
02 - Käringen På Barnsöl
03 - Plötslight En Da (En Hyllning Till Allan Edwall)
04 - Böl-Olles Schottis
05 - Bryggstolen Går
06 - Johannas Blonsterkrans / Vägen Till Punkahaju
07 - Infirmus - När Du Blifwer Sjuk
08 - Kajsas Vaggvisa
09 - Vallfärd
10 - En Midsommarnattsdröm
11 - Barnsull
12 - Alvarsången
13 - Änderäle (outro)

Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson – Vocals, Mungiga, Kulning.
Sergio Ribnikov Gunnarsson – Vocals, Guitar & EADGBE Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Härjedalspipa, Vevlira.
Martín Fuchinecco - Fiddle, Kantele, Accordion, Säckpipa, Guitar, Nyckelharpa. 

Duo TTC - Aux objets trouvés (France 2013) @320

The chromatic accordion is one of the most common instrument in the world ; it is also an instrument emblematic of France. However, it remains marginal in the revival of the music, trad, especially compared to its little brother, the diatonic accordion. Tiennet Simonnin and Thomas Restoin provide a duo a little against the current in the world of trad ! Side directory, it is a sacred recipe : a good dose of compositions, a sprinkling of traditional tunes, a touch of musette, sprinkled with jazz, variety, and even disco. In short, everything (or almost) goes ! Innovative approach ? Not really : the " old " collected in the course of the Twentieth century passed without resort to a jam-packed traditional to a hit song of 1900... With the duo TTC, Tiennet and Thomas adhere to the vision of things : the trad yes, but yes also to all the musics that surround us today, as long as it makes good music to dance to ! Surprises guaranteed...

1. Louisette / Les harcouettes
2. Aux objets trouvés
3. La folkia
4. Pull the knife and stick it again.....
5. Namu
6. Léon la lune
7. La menteuse / Tout feu tout flamme
8. Flâneuse
9. California roll / Captain courageous
10. Sur le fil
11. Danse macabre / Capitaine Flam

Thomas RESTOIN : accordéon chromatique, accordina
Tiennet SIMONNIN : accordéon chromatique, whistle
Invités :
Rachel AVERLY : flûte traversière
Anne-Lise FOY : chant
Johan JACQUEMOUD : contrebasse
Stéphane MAUCHAND : cornemuses 16 et 20 pouces
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