Thursday, May 2, 2019

Duo TTC - Aux objets trouvés (France 2013) @320

The chromatic accordion is one of the most common instrument in the world ; it is also an instrument emblematic of France. However, it remains marginal in the revival of the music, trad, especially compared to its little brother, the diatonic accordion. Tiennet Simonnin and Thomas Restoin provide a duo a little against the current in the world of trad ! Side directory, it is a sacred recipe : a good dose of compositions, a sprinkling of traditional tunes, a touch of musette, sprinkled with jazz, variety, and even disco. In short, everything (or almost) goes ! Innovative approach ? Not really : the " old " collected in the course of the Twentieth century passed without resort to a jam-packed traditional to a hit song of 1900... With the duo TTC, Tiennet and Thomas adhere to the vision of things : the trad yes, but yes also to all the musics that surround us today, as long as it makes good music to dance to ! Surprises guaranteed...

1. Louisette / Les harcouettes
2. Aux objets trouvés
3. La folkia
4. Pull the knife and stick it again.....
5. Namu
6. Léon la lune
7. La menteuse / Tout feu tout flamme
8. Flâneuse
9. California roll / Captain courageous
10. Sur le fil
11. Danse macabre / Capitaine Flam

Thomas RESTOIN : accordéon chromatique, accordina
Tiennet SIMONNIN : accordéon chromatique, whistle
Invités :
Rachel AVERLY : flûte traversière
Anne-Lise FOY : chant
Johan JACQUEMOUD : contrebasse
Stéphane MAUCHAND : cornemuses 16 et 20 pouces

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Aux objets trouvés

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