Friday, May 31, 2019

Geraldine MacGowan Band - Somewhere Along the Road (2004 Ireland)

This long awaited recording from the Geraldine Mac Gowan Band is a rare and beautiful collection of songs from the vaults of Irish Tradition to the wealth of modern-day storytellers, together with newly written compositions from long time collaborator Brian O’Connor, all delivered with the confidence and grace of a true musical traveller.

01 - Lover In Erin
02 - Someone I Used To Love
03 - Midnight Ladies And The Diet Reel
04 - Go From My Window
05 - The Pretty Little Pistols
06 - Dimming Of The Day
07 - Back Smiling Again
08 - The Lark In The Morning (The High Walls Of Derry)
09 - Border Town
10 - Maggies Mushy Peas And The Down Jig
11 - Somewhere Along The Road

Geraldine Mac Gowan: vocals
Brian O’Connor: whistle, low whistle & vocals
Eamonn de Barra: piano, bodhran & vocals
Shane McGowan: guitars, bass & vocals
Cormac de Barra: irish harp
Wayne Sheahy: percussion


CrimsonKing said...

Somewhere Along the Road

FishGuy said...

Thank you CrimsonKing! An unexpected bonus to find her version of Richard Thompson's Dimming of the Day!!

Buck said...

Thank you so much for this CK. I've never heard of Geraldine McGowan before, Very impressed. I'll have a look at her other albums now. Thanks once again for all your hard work and generosity!!

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Buck.
Enjoy! :)

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