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Geraldine MacGowan & Friends - Reconciliation (1995 Ireland)

The one-time singer in the band Oisin touches you with ballads and folksongs of feeling, traditional consciousness without schmaltz or pathos. With a heart warming voice, she sings poetic traditionals and contemporary songs including two compositions by her guitarist and previous Oisin colleague, Chris Jones. Swinging instrumentals in which Brian O’Connor proves his talent on flute and tin whistle, beautifully supplement the softest vocal pieces of Geraldine MacGowan.”A moving and fine album, oozing with substence and style.” 
(Hot Press Magazine)

01. West Coast Of Clare 5:28
02. Jealousy 3:58
03. Whatever Goes Around Comes Around 4:22
04. Rottweilers Set-The Groves-Caislean An Oir 5:47
05. Never Get Enough Of You 4:36
06. Angel Of Paradise 3:59
07. Bonnie And Cloyde Set - Boyles-The Fisher 4:44
08. The Lowlands Of Holland 5:01
09. Liffey Banks-Spike Island Lassies 4:30
10. Reconciliation 5:12
11. Whatever Goes Around Comes Around (reprise) 2:09

Geraldine Mac Gowan: Vocals.
Chris Jones: Guitars, Sequencer Programming, Vocals.
Brian O'Connor: Flute, Tin Whistle, Synth Bass on track 1
Shay Mac Gowan: Vocals.
Johannes Eichenauer: Keyboards.
Frieder Gottwald: Bass.
Michael Witzel: Percussion.
Frank Mulcahy: Accordion.


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