Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kentigern - Kentigern (1979 Scotland) @VBR192

Kentigern was a group formed in 1978 out of a regular session at the Victoria Bar, Glasgow. 
This was a band who realised the increased range of variation which could be achieved by having more members, at a time when larger groups were relatively uncommon. This put them at the forefront of a musical development which increasingly saw individual band members being given opportunities to lead sets or take solo numbers, thus helping to inspire many others.
A1 - Culen Bay-Jig O' Slurs-Seagull  4:19
A2 - The Corncrake  3:57
A3 - Breton Tunes-Greenwoodside  3:52
A4 - The Weary Farmers  2:30
A5 - Pipe Major Donald McLean Of Lewis-The Weavers Of Newley-Kail And Pudding-Loch Roag  3:28
A6 - The Iron Horse  2:20
B1 - The Last O' The Tinkler  4:18
B2 - Rathven Market-The Conundrum  3:03
B3 - Gin I Were Shot O' Her  2:08
B4 - Hebridean Air-The Braes Of Tulimet-The Braes Of Mellinish  3:35
B5 - Wild Roving No More  4:30
B6 - Put Me In The Great Chest-The Three Peaks Of South Uist-South Uist  2:23

Jim Barnes: cittern, guitar, vocals;
Sylvia Barnes: vocals, dulcimer, guitar, bodhrán;
John Gagahan: whistle;
Jimmy McGuire: fiddle, banjo;
Dougie Pincock: pipes, whistle;
Sandy Stanage: cittern, guitar, banjo


CrimsonKing said...


David said...

Per my request. Thanks so much! Will be listening to this on my road trip across Scotland next month.

graaf24 said...

All time favorite and most beautiful version of Wild Rover No More, Sylvia Barnes is exceptional singer. Thanks.

CrimsonKing said...

Enjoy it, David.

CrimsonKing said...

I agree graaf24 :)

ARJ said...

Many Thanks!

Gonzo said...

Ah more wonderful stuff, might I say, I guess this may be my rip, I still have the original LP from the days of "gonzo-archive" thanks for re-airing it

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