Friday, June 21, 2019

Leveret - In the Round (England 2016) @320

Leveret – an instrumental folk trio whose pedigree, should it be listed, would read like a condensed who’s who/family tree of English folk music.  Their second album comes  exactly a year since their ‘New Anything’ debut  (almost unheard of in this day and age) as a result of not so much a radical but a slightly different approach to recording. Nothing wrong with taking a risk, especially when it pays off.

01 - The Good Old Way
02 - The Rising Sun
03 - Dundas
04 - Namptwich Fair - Rose Howard
05 - Not Basingstoke
06 - Glory Of The Sun - The Road To Poynton
07 - Grinders - Solomon's Joak
08 - Miss Wright's Fancy
09 - An Italian Rant
10 - The Height of Cader Idris - Jack a Lent

Andy Cutting: diatonic button accordion, melodeon;
Sam Sweeney: violin, viola;
Rob Harbron: English concertina


CrimsonKing said...

In the Round

jontywoo said...

Marvelous stuff, thank you.

magus said...

Thank you!

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