Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Woods Band - The Woods Band (Ireland 1971) @320

The Woods Band was an Irish folk-rock band formed in 1970 by husband and wife team Gay & Terry Woods, shortly after their departure from Steeleye Span. The band played and recorded for four years before evolving into Gay & Terry Woods. In 2001, Terry Woods formed a new band and named it The Woods Band, which performed and recorded through 2003.

01 - Noisey Johnny
02 - Dreams
03 - January's Snows
04 - Lament And Jig
05 - Over The Bar
06 - As I Roved Out
07 - Promises
08 - Everytime

Terry Woods: mandola, concertina, acoustic, electric & bass guitars, vocals;
Gay Woods: concertina, autoharp, dulcimer, bodhrán, vocals;
Ed Deane: electric, acoustic, slide & bass guitars, harpsichord;
Pat Nash: drums, vocals
Thanks to:
Tony Reeves: bass guitar [1, 8];
Austin Corcoran: acoustic guitar [2], bass guitar [6-7];
John Ryan: organ [4, 6], piano [7-8].


CrimsonKing said...

The Woods Band

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks, great albums here, cheers

bobbysu said...

Thank you so much

Buck said...

Thanks once more CK! I knew of Terry and Gaye woods from Steeleye, but never knew of their solo band work. Another excellent album in my favourite style!

CrimsonKing said...

Enjoy, folks!

Tonyclsusters said...

One million thanks!

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