Friday, August 23, 2019

Telenn Gwad - Vremya, Kogda Angely Uchili Poetov Lubit (Time When Poets Taught Angels To Love ) [Russia 1996] @320

If we knew, how elf’s music sounds, the world around of us would be absolutely different - simply because we would be different. 

There are the musicians who are able to hear this music. Full of air flying sounds of a flute, slow guitar fingering, a silent baritone of violoncello and contrabass, Oleg Bojko's sad and “out-of-body” voice – this is Telenn Gwad band. You close eyes - and the habitual world is dissolved, remains only darkness, noise of surf - or it is a wind has entangled in branches of a yew-tree? They do not compose music - it comes to them, it is only necessary to be disposed, open to it, and fingers run on strings, and indefinitely beautiful melody will be born, invented by unknown Kelt bard many centuries ago, - or may be by elf?.. 

Guitarist Oleg Boyko is from Murmansk, flutist Pavel Markelov was born in Magadan. 
Boundless open spaces, miser beauty of the North, the wild, protogenic nature – probably it is a secret of Russian and Kelt souls similarity? Both musicians have graduated from Gnesinski Music Academy and now live in Moscow. In 1995 when two men and two instruments met for the first time, it turned out, that they’ve got the same vision of music. So has Telenn Gwad appeared. The Breton tradition finds new breath in the modern European symphonic form - Telenn Gwad is sometimes compared to Alan Stivell, the French harpist who has given the name to the group in absentia (in Gallic language “Telenn Gwad” means “Blood of a harp” or, more poetically, " Requital to angels "). 

01 - Mountains Of Rain And Sun
02 - My Own Country
03 - Medvyano Karilion (Honey Corillion)
04 - Heart In The Stone
05 - Runtime
06 - Farewell, Nancy
07 - Velichanie (Glorifying)
08 - Durmun
09 - On The Banks Of The Lee
10 - Lullaby
11 - Heart In The Stone 2

Oleg Boyko - vocal, guitar 
Pavel Markelov - flute


CrimsonKing said...

Vremya, Kogda Angely Uchili Poetov Lubit

FishGuy said...

Thank you , Crimson King!! You have opened up many new windows of music to me and I really appreciate how you've opened worlds of music to all of us. I never imagined the depth of this folk music.

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Steve. We are happy when we read that the music we offer is important to someone. Folk style has amazing things indeed.

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