Saturday, September 7, 2019

TONDO - L'adorable Leure ( France / Belgium 2017) @320

TONDO is the encounter of three friends (Belgian and French musicians) who share a common passion for popular music and visual arts. It is also the encounter between the open space of the pictorial TONDO and the in nite movement of the wheel of the hurdy-gurdy. Last but not the least, TONDO brings to mind the round dance, the most popular children’s dance by far, that expresses the simple joy of being together, timeless.
The connections between the two worlds, visual and acoustic, are numerous and stimulating, si- milar to the musicians and the artists of lyrical abstraction, wherein improvisation and the present moment are considered to be musical by nature. Nevertheless, the musical rhythm can create a genuine story, accompanied by descriptions and illustrations.
“L’adorable Leurre”, the title of TONDO’s album, mirrors the work of the painter, Gérard Gasiorowski, whose strength comes from de vagueness between the gurative illusion and the liberty of pictorial gestures.

01. A toi à moi
02. Couleurs Nemours
03. Estève
04. L'adorable Leurre
05. Clotilde
06. Motherwell
07. Jardins Fragiles
08. Soller en Avril
09. Adezzi a Saa
10. Een Schip
11. Petite Suite des arcis
12. Marche d'Orage
13. Principessa

Gilles Chabenat - Vielle à roue
Maarten Decombel - Guitar
Fred Pouget - Clarinet, Cornemuse

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