Saturday, October 5, 2019

Ballsy Swing - Le pain quotidien (2017 France) @320

Formed in the ruins of an ancient Roodanian miroiterie, this group carries with it a story worthy of a traditional tale, an ode to the tragic youth of musicians who had for sustenance only a few pizzas marinated in jasmine tea.
In this maze of dark cellars, three promising members were reared in cages with intensive listening to Bach, Jean-Michel Jarretelle and other occult repertoires of Auvergne drunk. And during their childhood they were often seen trailed, chained, on the floors of the most improbable balls, fed only with zucchini fins and muslin nutria, with the intention of making them the future great manitous of the industry. Hip hop musette with committed lyrics.
Taking advantage of a clear night moonless they managed to escape, taking refuge for a while in the cabaret strip-tease, to conclude this epic on the floors of folk balls.
Today Colin Delzant (cello), Valère Passeri (violin) and Lucas Thebaut (diatonic accordions) are proud to offer you the fruit of this incredible journey: a music that will make you dance, scream, can be even take off at the sound of this swing ... which comes from far!
(google-translate from french, sorry)

01. Scottish à Chloé
02. Polska de Chambérat / Pad'poufs (Polska / Bourrée 3 temps)
03. À nos mamans / Bourrées de Criées / Bourrée du 22 novembre (Bourrées 2 temps)
04. Coup de houle / Diving Suit / La grâce dans l'oeil / Feux dans l'eau (Noirmoutiers)
05. Atlantis Octopus (Mazurka)
06. La danse des Cacahuètes / Valse des petits Tours
07. Chauvinisme / Volverback (Bourrées 2 temps)
08. Élégie aux deux pigeons (Valse)
09. Les pulls à Lucas (Chapelloise)
10. St-Pierre-des-Dents / Lo Gazion (Rondeaux)
11. Le palais de la Tortue / Encore plus au Nord / Happy Ending / La bay des chevauchées (Cercles)

Colin DELZANT : Violoncelle
Valère PASSERI : Violon
Lucas THEBAUT : Accordéon diatonique

Aurélien CLARANBAUX : Accordéon diatonique
Joanny NIOULOU : Cornemuse
Marou THIN : Flûte traversière


Yojik said...

Le pain quotidien

Buck said...

Thanks Yojik! Another excellent album, second track is a bit weird to my ears, odd timings, but the album as a whole is great, thanks!

Walter Sigolo said...

Thanks Yoijk! Very beautiful album! The contribution of the guests (bows) and pieces with obvious references to the masters Blowzabella are in evidence but an excellent production also for the qualities of execution, composition and arrangement.

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