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fol&ar - Fol&Ar (2008 Portugal) @320

The fol&ar project was born in 2006, joining a group of instruments with a mind of their own with a group of musicians passionate about dance and traditional music.

With themes inspired in dances from all over Europe, we started introducing our ball project. In that first project we gathered the unique sound of each instrument with the intimate environment of music sharing. From the joy of the malhão to the intimate drag of the mazurka, we created a group of themes to whom we can individually relate and a sound that defines us as a whole.

In 2008 we introduced our first album, also called fol&ar, made of only original theme songs, guest starring Ana Lúcia Palminha (voice), Alexandre Matias e Duda Amaro (percussions), produced by Nuno Gelpi e ourselves.

Reaching our grown up age, but keeping the same work line and the same care we give each theme, we are presenting ourselves in 2012 with a new line up that broadens the horizons to our approach to traditional music.

1. Tocandare (hanter dro)    4:32
2. Pólvora no Olhar (círculo circassiano)    4:46
3. Valsas e Mazurcas para quê? (mazurca)    3:45
4. Carmo 3 da Manhã (valsa)    4:07
5. Malhão da Graça (malhão)    2:54
6. Íntima Satisfação (valsa de 8 tempos)    4:36
7. Baú Vermelho (bourrée)    3:28
8. Caracol da Graça (Mazurca)    4:18
9. Valsa do João sem Medo (valsa de 5 tempos)    4:44
10. Gatafunho (bourrée)    4:52
11. 21 Gramas (mazurca)    5:09

Fernando Lyra
João Salvado
Nuno Gelpi
Miguel Gelpi

Ana Lúcia Palminha (voice)
Alexandre Matias & Duda Amaro (percussions)


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