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Katé-Mé - Live (2008 France / Bretagne) @320

 Funk / Jazz-Rock / Fest-Noz Crossover and The power of live sound. 
Highly recommended!

July 2009: after thirteen years of good and loyal services Katé-Mé gives his last concert at the festival of Cornwall in Quimper and announces a break of the group. March 2016: seven years later, the band hit the road again.It is the return of one of the major groups of the Breton music of the years 2000. Seven years after its "pause", Katé-Mé continues to enjoy an excellent reputation, due to its rather rockic stage performances, its committed texts and a recognizable sound among a thousand: mixture of singing "trad-scat-rap", of couple biniou-bombarde alternated with a section of bombardes, and a rhythmic bass-guitar-battery very coherent. The group's image is also marked by his discography: the live album and his three original albums, Katé-Mé, Entrance and La république des papillons, remain outstanding recordings of this era.Katé-Mé was inspired by the singing tradition (French) of high Brittany (Loire-Atlantique, Ille-et-Vilaine, Eastern Morbihan and Côtes d'Armor) to create his songs. The band has also been inspired by other influences such as rock, funk, jazz, ragga or rap. The texts of the songs are sometimes from the popular tradition, sometimes written by Sylvain Girault. The music is mostly composed by the band's musicians. To a question put to him in 2007, the group answered: "The singing and the trad music of Upper Brittany is our culture, our impregnation, our common musical language. We use it to create our own music, to talk to others, to express ourselves singularly. We are looking for music that is both rooted and universal. "For this ephemeral return, in 2016, Katé-Mé revisits its repertoire, with an even more "rock" sound and texts rewritten to bring them in line with current events and a strong desire to reinforce their constativeness in the social and economic aspects. ecological.
(google-translate from french, sorry) 

1. Trad Collection 3'51
2. Du Coq A L'ane 3'54
3. La Ronde Des Mendiants 5'27
4. Au Ban De La République 5'08
5. Le Vielleux Aveugle 5'08
6. Papillon 4'10
7. La Fille Du Député De Nantes 4'40
8. Le Dépouilleur 4'57
9. Nevouziste 5'43
10. Milouin 2'25
11. Misère 3'29
12. Pauvre Martin 4'00
13. Fortune 4'29
14. La Casquette 5'43
15. Les Garçons De Guérande 5'29
16. La Beauté A Quoi Sert-Elle ? 5'14

Sylvain Girault: chant
Erwan Hamon: bombarde, chant
Philippe Janvier: biniou, bombarde, chant
Job Défernez: basse, chant
Patrice Paichereau: guitare électrique
Hervé Naizin: batterie
Ronan Fouquet: son


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