Saturday, October 12, 2019

Zef - Génépi fugace (2017 France) @320

Zef, opus 5, "Génépi Fugace", is a diptych, a hurricane mass with one hand, a sweet note on the other.
A double mirror album;
- On one side Zef in full, which will be the fifth album.
- On the other side the Zeffeurs. Formula created during a festival, it stages the various musicians of the group, combining them in multiple duets. It releases many intimacies.For his fifth album ZEF is tinged with temptation. A clever mix of adventurous plants will be brought together in this slow-ripening vintage. We will find the fleeting notes of flying dances and insolent curves to the edge of drunkenness.
It is high time to stop the time and to be amazed by the angels.

A crossover between the overall sound, matured, textured, aged cask, and the fragility of more intimate and spontaneous duets.

1. Pélican
2. Krump
3. Tissus
4. T-Shirt / La Chânôtt
5. Little Sister
6. Le Mondine
7. Lo Riu
8. Tash
9. Mazurka Soffice
10. Génépi fugace

1. Tonton Bordel
2. Scottisch à Julo
3. Just Merlot (#03)
4. Marocco
5. Coccinelle
6. Solitude
7. Gentleman's Blues
8. Triolan
9. Fandango / Typon
10. Musike Mazurka
11. Scottish du Taraf / Face au Vent

Baltazar Montanaro - violon, violon baryton, chant
Damien Dulau - guitare
Jean-Michel Martineau - basse
Aurélien Claranbaux - accordéon diatonique
Laurent Geoffroy - accordéon diatonique, accordina


Yojik said...

Génépi fugace

lambo said...

Thanks Yojik! Such a great album.
Pélican, Le mondine, Tash..

Owen said...

Thank you Yojik, this looks very interesting.

Yojik said...

You`re welcome folks!
It's one of my favorite bands. In my opinion, all their albums are great.

Buck said...

Cheers Yojik! Yet another interesting band I've never heard of before! Excellent music in various styles - all good. Thanks again for all your generosity in posting these albums, it's much appreciated.

Yojik said...

Thanks, Buck!
You can find here all the other albums of this wonderful band.

Walter Sigolo said...

A veery great discovery! Thank you Yojik

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