Sunday, November 17, 2019

Variomatic - Wink! (2014 Belgium) @320

The Belgian 6 piece band creates homemade compositions with a powerful folk rock blending Bal Folk a la Dedale with a dose of Blowzabella, and with frequent more or less obvious references to well known hits or TV tunes. The most obvious connotation of TV music on the album has to be in their "The A-Team" set - these guys must be great fans of this 80s TV institution. Variomatic's instruments create a mighty full contemporary folk sound, featuring sax, accordion, hurdy gurdy, guitar/banjo, bass and drums and percussion.
This one of those albums that should not really be missing in any good collection - it's music that makes happy and wants you to jump up and dance - as they say happiness is priceless so how can you afford not to have this album!
© Michael Moll

1. Tunis / Icon   
2. Scota Nova
3. Iza
4. Kerliguen / Belle Ile
5. L'oiseau Blue
6. De Montford / The A-Team
7. Recalcitrante Wals
8. Basta Pasta
9. British Swing
10. Rodebud / Beanfield / Famous Wolf
11. Joco

Bert Leemans: accordion
Koen Garriau: alto Saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Stef Vanstraelen: drums, percussion, vocals
Koen Dewaele: electric bass
Dirk Verhegge: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo
Paul Garriau: hurdy-gurdy


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Le Chefique said...

Super! Thank you :)

Yojik said...

You`re welcome :)

TheCountess said...

This sounds like an absolute romp — can't wait to hear it! Thanks for the recommendation.

Yojik said...

Not at all.

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