Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Déanta - Déanta (1990 Ireland) @320

Déanta (pronounced: Jaunt-a) is one of the top traditional Celtic bands in Ireland. 
Formed in Northern Ireland's County Antriam, the group is known for its tight, ensemble, playing and the crystalline vocals of All-Ireland champion singer Mary Dillon. According to Irish Music Magazine, "Unlike some of the other guns currently making waves on both sides of the Atlantic, Déanta have not gone down the well worn route of 'give it a dose of rocket fuel, foot to the floor, out blast The Bothy Band and divil the pillion passenger". 

In his liner notes for Déanta's self-titled 1993 album, Jackie Dixon took a similar view, writing, "The old values inherent in traditional music are held intact and are never under threat from modern influences that the band judiciously introduce into their repertoire." 

The musical foundation of Déanta was furnished by Katie O'Brien, who played fiddle and viola, and her brother, Eoghan, who played guitar and harp. The original group also featured Paul Mullan (flute, whistles), Clodagh Warnock (bouzouki, fiddle, bodhran, percussion) and Mary Dillon (vocals, synthesizer, guitar, harp). By the time that they released their second album, Ready for the Storm, in 1994, Mullan had been replaced by Deidre Havlin and Rosie Mulholland (keyboards, fiddle) had been added. 

Although they were one of the best selling acts on the Green Linnet label, each musician maintained a day job and the group toured rarely. In early 1998, Deanta announced that they were disbanding.
~ Craig Harris, Rovi

01. The Flight Of The Termite  3:22
02. The Green Fields Of Canada  4:33 
03. King Of The Blues  3:17
04. Cold Grey Fairyland  3:31
05. Willie Taylor  3:50
06. Harp Airs  5:21
07. Thousands Are Sailing  2:59
08. Gravelly Groove  3:08
09. Dark Iniseoghian  5:17

Kate OBrien: Guitar, Viola
Paul Mullan: Flute, Whistle
Clodagh Warnock: Bodhran, Bouzouki, Percussion
Eoghan O'Brien: Guitar, Harp
Mary Dillon: Vocals, Harp, Synthesizers


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Buck said...

Just got this. Thank you for posting this so quickly! It's a brilliant album and I'm so glad you introduced me to another new band! Thanks again for all your hard work and to all who contribute to the blog.

Gally131 said...

pro- nounced. like Dane Ta, I should know I speak irish

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Thanks Gally131

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My pleasure.

Ennio said...

Thank you!
Any chance to have the other two albums of the band?

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Soon, Ennio.

FishGuy said...

Hope you saw the Geraldine MacGowan and Friends - Timeless, that I posed in the user contributions. I think that one was not in your list of CDs that you had. If it's new to you, enjoy!
Thanks for the Deanta. I also appreciate Gaily131 letting me know how to pronounce Deanta. I've been pronouncing it wrong, of course!

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks, Steve.

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