Saturday, April 4, 2020

Neal Heppleston - Folk Songs for Double Bass (2019 England) @320

On his debut album "Folk Songs for Double Bass", Neal Heppleston takes a selection of popular folk songs with strong lyrical content, stripping them back to the basic melody to create worlds in which the lyrics live through the instrumentation.

With contributions from Jim Ghedi, Sharron Krauss and Nick Jonah Davis, "Folk Songs for Double Bass" transposes traditional folk melodies onto the double bass and created soundscapes around them, building different worlds for them to live in.

The cover artwork comes directly from Neal's workshop: "I drew quite a few different designs before deciding on the final one. I then drew it onto a wood block and carved it out using a knife and a gouge. I took it to West Yorkshire Print Workshop where I individually hand printed the each cover using their 1850's Imperial Platen Press."

"'Folk Songs for Double Bass' is what a village inn might sound like if post-rock had been invented a century earlier" – A Closer Listen

"An enchanting ring of conjunction between popular tradition and neoclassical-experimental modernity" – Music Won't Save You 

1. Willie of Winsbury 04:00
2. The Minstrel Boy 01:19
3. Bows of London 07:04
4. Push the Business on 02:09
5. Spanish Ladies 02:07
6. Bonny Ship the Diamond 03:45
7. Spencer the Rover 03:09
8. Just as the Tide was Flowing 04:39

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