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Left Blank's Compil Folk 63


Ma Petite - Ma Petite (2019 France) @320

"It's been several years since Perrine Vrignault, singer and accordionist, explores the traditional poitevin song with a disconcerting freshness.
For this brand new quartet of music to dance, she calls on three musicians as free and adventurous as she.

The "two Maxime", Dancre and Barbeau, offer formidable hypnotic rhythmic paths. As for Thomas Fossaert, he makes the saxophone improvising pilot fish. The continuous breath becomes lyricism, participating in this great collective trance.

It is a ball that sticks to the body for the happiness of all, and as we are obliged to nothing, can also listen with eyes closed "
Julien Padovani

01. Marguerite (mazurka)
02. La petite Antonine (polka)
03. Saint-Nazaire (rond de barbatre)
04. La petite Marguerite (branle)
05. Tailleur de pierre
06. La mal mariée (marchoise)
07. L'Échelier du chai Thiboire (ronde avant-deux)
08. La fille d'un brave fermier
09. La fille au couvent (valse)
10. Trois jeunes garçons (mazurka)
11. Rossignol (rond de barbatre)
12. Dors mon p'tit gars

Perrine Vrignault: chant, accordéon diatonique
Maxime Barbeau: accordéon diatonique
Thomas Fossaert: saxophone soprano, choeurs
Maxime Dancre: percussions, choeurs

Paul Motteau: contrebasse (6)
Julien Padovani: fender rhodes, farfiza, Harmonium (11)
Paul Weeger: trompette (12)
Nicolas Garros: trombone (12)
Quentin Secher: cor d`harmonie (12)
Valentin Chabot: tuba (12)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Andoorn - Van vandaag, voor morgen (2016 Netherlands) @320

When we first listened to Andoorn's album, we immediately felt like dancing. And that turned out to be no coincidence.

Andoorn is a folk band with roots in Wageningen. Usually they play for dancers on ball folk evenings, low-threshold dance evenings where people dance to folk music, but now they come with their own album release. Balfolk has come over from France and is a modern dance form based on the folk dance traditions from Western Europe.

Own sauce
'We play our own songs that have their roots in traditional music, but with our own, more modern sauce,' says Wouter. “We do play partly on traditional instruments such as the Irish bouzouki, which Tim plays on, and I play on Dutch bagpipes, an Irish wooden flute and tin whistle. We also have Jasper on bass guitar, Bram on cajon and Kris on violin. ”

“We recorded our CD over a year ago in the Fuaime studio in Breda with Guy Roelofs and released it ourselves. From now on it is also available online. ”

You can find more information about Andoorn on their website: and on facebook:
The album 'Van vandaag, voor morgen' can be heard on iTunes, Spotify and the other well-known services.

01. De Bezige Bij & Exotische Eekhoorns (hanter dro)
02. De IJzerboer & Het Kippenhok (bourrée 2 temps)
03. Van Vandaag, voor Morgen (rondeau en couple)
04. Ambrosia & De Dansende Aap (scottish)
05. De Koffiemolen (jig)
06. Ver Weg (wals in vijf)
07. Kamelenscottish (scottish)
08. Witte Strepen & Belgian Fever (cercle circassien)
09. Kwaak (mazurka)
10. Van Aa naar Bourree (bourrée 3 temps)
11. De Zon (wals in acht)
12. Slaapliedje voor een Kleine Muis (wals)

Jasper Tolsma: Bass
Kris van 't Klooster: Viool
Wouter Koenders: Doedelzakken, Fluitjes
Tim Hofmeester: Bouzouki, Klokkenspel
Bram Verhaar: Percussie

We just want to say

Now, for a number of objective reasons, most musicians do not have the opportunity to perform publicly. And everyone knows that the main source of income for many musicians is concerts and master classes. So now is the time to support your favorite artists. There are different ways to do this. For example, buying CDs or digital content. Also, Facebook hosts quite a lot of video broadcasts of live performances by various musicians. You can enjoy your favorite music and support your favorite musicians financially at will and to the best of your ability. Let's help each other. Follow the necessary security measures, do not panic, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Listen to music and dance. And everything will be fine.
Always Yours, 
the Folk Yourself team.
(and sorry, i`m not good with english 😉 )

Beat Bouet Trio - Soumission Impossible (2017 France / Bretagne) @320

1. Intro
2. Bobia (Ridée 6 temps)
3. Matelin Gangsta (Bal a 4)
4. Ganjah Smokahs (Ridée de Josselin)
5. Ce Travail feat. Fabs (Rond de St Vincent)
6. A l'Armée (Mazurka)
7. De Haut En Bas (Polka)
8. Ça Dégénère (Cercle Circassien)
9. Barnabé (Avant 2 de Bazouges)
10. Vikings (Polska)
11. Pour Toi Baby (Slow)
12. M.A.F.I.A (Scottish)
13. Le Mercelot (Rond de Palludier)
14. A Sua Vida feat. Fabs (Bal Palludier)
15. Alerte Antifasciste (Laridé)
16. Lafayette City (Two Step)

Tristan LE BRETON : Human Beat Box
Gurvan MOLAC : Chant Haute Bretagne
Ivan RAJALU : Accordéon diatonique

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Flook - Ancora (Ireland & England 2019) @320

After a gap of fourteen years and due to overwhelming popular demand, legendary folk band Flook present 'Ancora', their brand new album. Despite the recording hiatus between their third studio album and 'Ancora', in recent years Flook have played occasional live shows, including short tours of Ireland, Japan and Germany as well as festival shows, and they will undertake a 17-date tour of England and Wales in April and May 2019.

With the flutes and whistles of Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen, the guitar of Ed Boyd and the bodhran of John Joe Kelly, the iconic Flook weaves and spins traditionally rooted tunes into an enthralling sound – with agile but tight rhythms and virtuoso improvisation. Flook possesses a rare blend of fiery technical brilliance, delicate ensemble interaction and a bold, adventurous musical imagination.

Formed over 20 years ago by four friends, Flook burst onto the international music scene with their debut studio album 'Flatfish'. The band had a remarkably successful performing and recording career - the sheer enjoyment of playing together shone through their albums.

As Brian Finnegan says 'The imagery associated with the meaning of 'Ancora' is abundant indeed. It is the Latin word for anchor, be that to the seabed or in the kith and kin of our lives. It also means 'hope' and 'again'. The great Italian master Michelangelo was attributed as saying 'Ancora Impara' on his 87th birthday, meaning 'I am ever learning'. This resonated in us and was present throughout the process of recording Ancora'. So, deeper in we go. Thanks for listening.'

Having won 'Best Band' at BBC Folk Awards 2006, there is no shortage of virtuosity amongst the members of Flook, but the unique impact of this sensational Anglo-Irish group stems from the wholly intuitive, almost symbiotic, exchange between the various flutes, frets and skins. 'Ancora' marks a return after too long away, but also a continuation.

01 - Reel for Rubik / Toward the Sun
02 - The Crystal Year / Foxes' Rock
03 - Companion Star / The Coral Castle
04 - Turquoise Girl / The Tree Climber / Twelve Weeks and a Day / Rounding Malin Head
05 - The Bunting Fund / Ocean Child
06 - Lalabee / Jig for Simon
07 - Ellie Goes West
08 - Sharig / The Pipers of Roguery / The Huntsman
09 - Omos Sheamuis / The Quickenbeam

Sarah Allen: Alto Flute, Concert Flute, Accordion
John Joe Kelly: Bodhrán
Brian Finnegan: Flute, Whistle
Ed Boyd: Guitar, Bouzouki, Piano

Monday, March 30, 2020

Topette!! - Rhododendron [2019 England/France] @320

Following a season of smouldering live shows across the UK and Europe, acclaimed Anglo-
French acoustic dance band Topette!! have been back in the studio to record a much-waited second CD Rhododendron.
Capturing the atmosphere and spirit of those live shows, the new album resonates with the
wild energy of packed dancefloors, firing the five players’ imaginations and galvanising their playing. Rhododendron is a bold and exciting album, infused with good-time feeling, pulsing drive and joy...

“Rhododendron is one of those rare instrumental – and dance-oriented – albums which gives virtually equal proportions of cerebral and visceral pleasure. Seriously recommended.”
David Kidman, Folk Radio UK. 

1. Sur Les Bords De L'eau / Rencontre (Rond de St.Vincent) 04:51
2. North Downs Way / Archer Street (Schottishe) 04:15
3. Rhododendron / Foutou (Bourrée à Trois Temps) 04:44
4. Civet De Chevreuil / Appelle La Dame! (Mazurka) 04:44
5. RSB / Deule Douce (Jig) 03:14
6. Angerton Gardens / Sörens Vals (Waltz) 03:55
7. Bloomsbury Market (Schottishe) 03:02
8. Grandmothers Birthday (Mazurka) 04:52
9. Oblique Jig / Miss Heidi Hendy (Jig) 04:12
10. Galician Sher (Schottishe/Sher) 04:57
11. VinterValsen (Waltz) 04:20

Tania Buisse – Bodhrán
Julien Cartonnet – Bagpipes & Banjo
Andy Cutting – Diatonic Accordion, Melodeon
James Delarre – Violin
Barn Stradling – Acoustic Bass Guitar 

Patates Sound System - Patates Sound System (2017 France) @320

Trad Music Actualised !
As it is amazing or innovative, proof is there...

Today machines, drums, electric guitare merging with  the hurdy-gurdy - pipe duo, is delivering an amazing psychelectro-rock-folk music !
A powerfull event giving to the public things to see, to listen and above all to dance.

01. L'eau à la mouche
02. Les cinq accapareurs
03. Emeline
04. Déluge
05. Polkalfred
06. Vincent 1000 anes
07. Mon tacot sur la banquise
08. Chicken et son contraire
09. Oscar
10. La joyeuse

Samuel Arnoux - Machinerie, Banjo
Laurent Lepoul - Guitare électrique, Mandole
Olivier Leroy - Batterie, Banjo, Basse
Jérémie Moncoudiol - Cornemuses 16 et 20 pouces, Whisltes, Guimbarde
Vincent Sionneau - Vielle à roue électro-acoustique


Saturday, March 28, 2020

Duo Abbas Thézé - Solune (2017 France) @320

1. Maura
2. Scottish à Fernanda
3. Solune
4. Pipeline Theory
5. Beyu
6. Next Shoot
7. Valse à Patrimonio (Romane)
8. Tico-Tico no Fubá (Z. de Abreu)
9. Scottish Roumaine
10. Arthur (Eric Thézé)

Maryll Abbas : accordéon
Samuel Thézé : clarinettes

Dreamers' Circus - Rooftop Sessions (2017 Denmark / Sweden) @320

Driving change in Nordic music is the young Danish trio, Dreamers’ Circus. Contemporary and endlessly innovative in their approach they draw inspiration from the deep traditions of Danish and Swedish folk music, masterfully re-shaping Nordic music into something bright, edgy, shiny and new. 1 June 2018 sees the release on Vertical Records of Rooftop Sessions, the third album from the band but their first to be given distribution outside Denmark. The world is about to hear a lot more of Dreamers’ Circus.

1. City Gardens  (5:06)
2. Opus 2,5  (2:58)
3. Draft  (0:27)
4. Kitchen Stories  (4:46)
5. Meanwhile  (2:23)
6. Then We Waltzed  (4:28)
7. Foreseen  (3:25)
8. Rooftop Session Part I  (5:29)
9. Rooftop Session Part II  (2:23)
10. Mormor  (5:04)
11. Afterwards  (3:05)

Ale Carr: cittern, double bass, kokle, violin, bass drum
Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen: violin, harmonium, synthesizers, fafisa organ, vibraphone
Nikolaj Busk: accordion, grand piano, harmonium, synthesizers, fafisa organ, spinet, toy piano


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Uaragniaun - Skuarrajazz [2000 Italy] @320

The fourth album for UARAGNIAUN, a key group in the research and rediscovery of Southern Italian folk music. Continuing on the path which began with Canzoni dell’Alta Murgia (1990), followed by Uailì (1990) and Octofolium (1998) Maria Moramarco, Luigi Bolognese and Silvio Teot have enlisted a wide range of esteemed collaborators for this latest chapter in their personal reinterpretation of the folk music of Puglia and in particular of the Murge region, a geographical area with peculiar ethnic characteristics and a unique vocal style. And it is of course the magnificent voice of Maria Moramarco, with her profound knowledge of the local repertoire, which provides the guiding thread along which the pieces on the album are strung: songs about the trials of daily life, the rites and social occasions typical of the peasant world, work songs and religious songs, lyrics and narratives, lullabies and dirges.
The consistently high standard of Skuarrajazz is testament on the one hand, to the depth of 
fieldwork carried out by the interpreters, and on the other to their musical excellence in 
performing and reinterpreting a traditional folk repertoire with a contemporary sensibility 
that nonetheless does not compromise its spirit or dilute it by mixing in other musical 
styles and genres. The album springs from the direct and close contact that the members of the group have with their community, and the freshness of the music presented allows the listener to put themselves in touch with a bygone peasant culture which is still rich with surprises. In Skuarrajazz they can enjoy typical narrative songs such as Brunette which recounts the story of a girl forced into a reparatory marriage, Pugliese tarantellas the likes of of O re re, or the ditties of Murgia represented here by Quande jè belle.
If with Skuarrajazz UARAGNIAUN demonstrate exceptional rigour in their reworkings of traditional folk music, they also reveal themselves to be an extremely ‘open’ group, who feel the need to seek out and work with other musicians on the same wavelength. The artists assembled on this occasion show a remarkable unity of purpose and a common sensibility that makes Skuarrajazz, despite its multiform elements, a truly solid and cohesive work.

01 - Ballo di Mastro Gerardo
02 - Quando jè belle
03 - 21 Fiorile 1799
04 - Cantos
05 - Motus
06 - Brunette
07 - O Re Re
08 - Natale Internazionale
09 - Nenia
10 - Uè figghia figghia
11 - Uccelloz
12 - Rocca rocca - Uè mamme mamme
13 - Passe e spasse
14 - Quanne Sand'Anne
15 - U pastaure
16 - Putresenella

Luigi Bolognese: guitar, mandoloncello, bouzouki
Maria Moramarco: voice
Silvio Teot tammorra: darbouka, percussion
Daniele Sepe saxes
Ambrogio Sparagna melodeon
Piero Ricci bagpipe
Lino Miniscalco ciaramella
Nico Berardi charango, flute
Giovanni Loiudice cello
Enzo Miniscalco bass guitar
Rocco De Rosa keyboards
Alfredo Cornacchia keyboards
Pino Colonna flute
Filippo Giordano violin
Davide Torrente tammorra

Liguriani - Suoni dai Mondi Liguri [2011 Italy] @320

Rugged country, eclectic music.
A Strip of mixed people and sounds, Liguria lies in Italy’s north-west, a region squeezed between rugged hill tops and sea waves, stretching from the French Riviera to Tuscany, bordering Piedmont and Emilia. Ligurianl is a five member outfit from Genoa and Savona comprised of voice, flute, musette (bagpipes), melodeon, mandolin, fiddle, guitar and piano, and they are among the most renowned contributors to the Italian folk scene. They play with passion and vitality, with a fairly eclectic repertoire that matches the spirit of the land and its people. Accordingly, Liguriani display a wide assortment of influences, ranging from local traditions to traditional Italian folk and political ballads, with Irish flavours and hints of 
bal musette and classical music.

The lyrics are in both standard Italian and Ligurian dialects. The opener, “Stamattina Si Va All'assalto” a traditional World War I song, is given a sure-footed execution that showcases the energetic guitar of Claudio De Angeli, with sparks of Filippo Gambettas melodeon. ‘Boghe’ is a sprightly tune by flautist Michel Balatti, dedicated to a tasty, though underappreciated fish found in the Ligurian sea. Further standouts include dances of the four provinces in the Appennines, and “Perigurdino di Paganini” revealing the illustrious violinist'.s interest in folk dances.

Further ettective numbers include “Sutta a Chi Tucca/Severino” and a dramatic song
about the steamship Sirius wreck, incorporating a stirring instrumental theme. The brilliant piper Rinaudo penned the two tunes “Valse du Driveur/Jolanda”: the first arranged in manouche style, the second showing the groups subtle intcrweaving. The accomplished musicianship makes for a truly enjoyable CD.

01 - Stamattina si va all'assalto - Boghe
02 - Alessandrina in Re - Monferrine
03 - Calissun - Piva di San Dalmazio
04 - Dieci anni e più d'amore - La freccia del Turchino
05 - Sutta a chi tucca - Severino
06 - O Pandoce (Mauro Pirovano legge la poesia di Martin Piaggio)
07 - Perigordino di Paganini - Giga di Gilli
08 - Il tragico naufragio del vapore Sirio - Verso la luce
09 - Valse du Driveur - Jolanda
10 - O Gorizia tu sei maledetta - U garollu
11 - Tiribi taraba - A figgia de Pariggi

Fabio Biale: Vocals, Fiddle, Percussion, Guitar 
Michel Balatti: Wooden flute
Fabio Rinaudo: Bagpipes
Filippo Gambetta: Accordion
Claudio De Angeli: Guitar

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Luar na Lubre - Torre De Breoghán (2014 Spain - Galicia) @320

The Milésians route

As if it were a wonderful archaeological discovery, the folk group Luar na Lubre rescues an epic account of Celtic culture to shape a show where music and visual effects merge into a special alchemy. ‘Torre de Breoghán’ will be an unprecedented musical event, an orchestrated version of the best of the Galician band, with the Galician Symphony Orchestra as a luxury accompanist.

The story he tells is inspired by the book Leabhar Ghabhala Eirean (Libro das Invasiones), an exceptional document collected from the Irish oral tradition and transcribed by the Christian monks of this island in the 11th century. In it, the different invasions that happened in Ireland are recounted in chronological order. The last of them is that of the Milesios, who from the city of Brigantia (now A Coruña) left for the island after Ith, son of the Breoghán leader and leader Milesio, discovered it after seeing it from a bird's-eye view from the tower that it takes the name of its father, to Thor Breoghán, that could be the known at the moment like Tower of Hercules.

Warriors, ships, druids, spells ... Torre de Breoghán will be a unique and overwhelming experience, a mythical journey for any lover of music and culture. Luar na Lubre embarks on a new adventure in its constant commitment to placing folk music at the forefront of the contemporary music scene.

CD 1
01 - O son das augas
02 - Ara solis
03 - O son das pedras
04 - O son do ar
05 - Mandad ei comigo
06 - Quantas sabedes
07 - Santa Maria Loei
08 - Tu gitana
09 - Memoria da noite
10 - Chove en Santiago
11 - Camariñas
12 - Ao pasar pola Coruña
13 - Ven bailar Carmiña
14 - A Carolina

01 - Obertura
02 - Milesians
03 - Mar de peixe
04 - Interludio I
05 - Ith
06 - Interludio II
07 - Leabhar Ghabhála
08 - Interludio III
09 - A morte de Ith
10 - Interludio IV
11 - A invocaión de Amergín

Luar Na Lubre y la Orquestra Sinfónica de Galicia

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Duo Sionneau Gielen - Vas-y Gabin ! (2014 Belgium / France) @320

Two musicians, both passionate about traditional music and drone music, both from different countries, offer a duet between the sounds of the hurdy-gurdy and the diatonic accordion. This group is composed of Vincent Sionneau on the hurdy-gurdy which comes from Grenoble (France) and Simon Gielen on the diatonic accordion which comes from Liège (Belgium). The goal of this duo is to bring enthusiasm to the dancers thanks to the possibilities and the simplicity of the two instruments. The repertoire is based on the compositions of both but also on revivals of traditional melodies.
(google-translate fron french, sorry)

01. Berry tour (bourrée à 2 temps) 5:26
02. Chaprimont (chappeloise) 5:52
03. Lo primier di mai (rondo) 4:55
04. Blaretudan (scottish) 5:13
05. Oscar (kost ar c'hoad) 6:02
06. Mariton ton pucelage (mazurka) 4:41
07. Papillon (scottish) 4:58
08. Suite de polskas 6:16
09. Vas-y Gabin ! (cercle circassien) 5:39
10. Bourrée de Saint-Amour (bourrée à 3 temps) 4:32
11. La Belle Monique (bourrée à 2 temps) 4:21
12. The Bay Tree (valse) 4:06

Simon Gielen : accordéon diatonique
Vincent Sionneau : vielle à roue

Guests : 
Luc Pilartz : violon
Jérémie Moncoudiol : whistles
Olivier Leroy : banjo
Mathieu Roulet :
cornemuse 16 pouces

Krenijenn - Peseurt Mood (2011 France / Bretagne) @320

Breton music to dance, mixing electronics and acoustic instruments. An album based on intuition ...… that the trumpet is the ideal instrument to lead the dance (!), And / or that the computer, well erected, can be a musical instrument in its own right, and / or that the harp of Brittany can have the energy and the rhythmic force of the lutes of central Asia,… that there is music to invent in the fragile space which exists between the “in the manner of the ancients, phonocopy of collectage "(the museum) and" in fact it's jazz-rock-du ... but don't say it, we present it as trad "(the clearance sale), ... that we can make music from 'today with "old-fashioned" scales (ie not necessarily modeled on the semitones of the piano),… that an album can also be something other than a series of songs, recorded "as on stage".
(google-translate from french, sorry) 

1. Kastell
2. Plinn ar bennegezh
3. Pilé menu ar fougaserezh
4. Bourc'h (feat. Jean-Luc Thomas)
5. Hanter-dro al laoskentez
6. Ridée ar souezh
7. Skolvan
8. Tour an disoursiaj (feat. Krismenn)
9. Fisel an dihabaskter
10. Loudeac an enkrez
11. Kas-a-barh al lorc'h
12. Trouz ar bed

Vincent Raude : éléctronique, guitares, batterie
Erwan Burban : trompette, cor
Lina Bellard : électro harpe
Invités :
Jean-Luc Thomas : flûtes
Kristof Le Menn : chant
Thomas Kerbrat : caisse claire

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Trees - The Garden of Jane Delawney (2008 Remaster) [1970 England] @320

TREES debut album originally released in 1970 blending heavy folk and psychedelic
influences . After being unable to put their second album "On The Shore" down, I had to get the debut release which is also very solid. Once again traditional and original folk pieces are arranged and delivered with a mix of soft / tranquil folk shades juztaposed with heavy acid laced psychedelic freak outs... simply amazing. 
Throughout we are treated to the great voice of Celia Humphris who adds some folk-opera to the album. I highly recommend this album to those who are willing to open their ears to some pretty ground breaking and thought provoking music.
~ Review by loserboy ~

1. Nothing Special (4:29)
2. The Great Silkie (5:11)
3. The Garden Of Jane Delawney (4:05)
4. Lady Margaret (7:09)
5. Glasgerion (5:15)
6. She Moved Thro' The Fair (8:04)
7. Road (4:33)
8. Epitaph (3:23)
9. Snail's Lament (4:39)
Bonus Tracks on 2008 Sony remaster:
10. She Moved Thro' The Fair (Demo version) (5:26)
11. Pretty Polly (Demo version) (4:50)
12. Black Widow (Recorded July 2008) (3:22)
13. Little Black Cloud Suite (Recorded July 2008) (1:39)

David Costa: Acoustic Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar, Painting, Design
Mark Roberts: Drums (tracks 12)
Unwin Brown: Drums (tracks: 1 to 11)
Barry Clarke: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar 
Celia Humphris: Vocals
Bias Boshell: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Trio Roblin Evain Badeau - Les trois moulins (2017 France) @320

 Since 2013, Benoît Roblin, Julien Evain and Thomas Badeau have been sharing their music with tremendous envy and generosity. Without a priori, the musical universe that is built in the trio draws as much from the archives, the collections, as from all the music to which the three accomplices have access. This energetic music arouses the interest of both music lovers and dance addicts.

This is one of the most original ballroom trios of the moment! It brings together Thomas Badeau, clarinetist from Sketch and the collective "Jeu à la Nantaise", Benoît Roblin, vielliste du Berry, and Julien Evain, accordionist from Vendée. The repertoire alternates the dances of the three regions. The sound is unprecedented: a clarinet that leads the dance and improvises, an old electro both melodic and percussive, an accordion ensuring harmony and bass playing. Subtle and energetic!
 Le Nouveau Pavillon
(google-translate from french, sorry)

01. Plus deux (rond de Loudéac)   
02. Bal en Bm / Demis (baleu)   
03. Reprise (rond de Loudéac)   
04. Gamelle (riquegniée)   
05. Les dunes (branle de Noirmoutier)   
06. Piste noire (hanter dro)   
07. Le bal du paludier / Je viens de Belle Île (bal paludier)   
08. Louloute (valse)   
09. Deux allers (rond de l'Île d'Yeu)   
10. Mouvantes! (mouvante)   
11. Fauquon (kost ar c'hoat)   
12. Etier (rond paluldier)   
13. Meunier tu dors (rond d'Argenton)   
14. Est-ce-que c'est où? (ridée de l'Île d'Yeu)

Thomas Badeau: clarinette
Julien Evain: accordéon diatonique
Benoît Roblin: vielle à roue, chant

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Trio Maïka - O Topos (France 2017) @320

Maïka will take you into the very rich universe of Greek music.

From the southern islands to the mountains of northern Thrace, the group composes and rearranges traditional tunes from a country at the crossroads of multiple civilizations.

The sensitivity of lead and polyphonic singing, the subtle timbre of Persian and oriental percussions, the madness of the violin and the trance of the Algerian mondole, the Cretan Laouto and the Turkish saz meet and transport this music to other rhythmic horizons (India, Iran, France, Maghreb ...).

By constantly flirting with the codes of Eastern and more Western music, Maïka reclaims this repertoire and navigates the listener on many shores from the Ionian Sea to the Black Sea via the Aegean Sea.

01 - To Margoudi Ki O Alexandris.mp3
02 - Hestia.mp3
03 - O Topos.mp3
04 - Mandili Kalamatiano.mp3
05 - O Michanikos.mp3
06 - L'or slave.mp3
07 - Ela Ela Leose.mp3
08 - Anathema Ton Aitio.mp3
09 - Ouranos.mp3

Hélène Richaud: Cello, Vocals
Paul Oliver: Algerian Mondole, Violin, Vocals
Christophe Montet: Tombak, Daf, Derbouka, Riqq, Chant

Reel (aka Ва-Та-Га = Va-Ta-Ga ) - Странные люди (Strannie ludi = Strange people) (2002 Russia) @320

Great band from Petrozavodsk, Karelia

In the earlier days the people were wandering over unknown lands in search of better destiny. Their songs travelled together them. Settling in a new place they enriched the local singing traditions. The idea of some kind of spiritual travelling, of mutual integration of different musical cultures is in the basic of the first album titled "Strange People".

1. Вутица / Vutitsa
2. Во Томской / Vo Tomskoj
3. Уду и калюка / Udu & kaljuka
4. Обрядовая / Obriadovaja
5. Иван / Ivan
6. Заря / Zarja
7. Поморская / Pomorskaja
8. Я ходила, я гуляла / Ja hodila, ja guljala
9. Кумушки / Kumushki

Olga Gajdamak - vocal, violin
Alexander Leonov - vocal, flutes, iouhikko
Arcady Sokolov - drums, percussion, background vocal
Sergey Sheljapin - double bass
Alexey Derevlyov - guitars, background vocal

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bal O'Gadjo - Effets de bordure (2017 France) @320

1. Effets de bordure (bourrée 3 temps) (3:56)    
2. Le Champ des guimauves (mazurka) (5:52)    
3. Hanterdrakis (hanterdro) (4:56)    
4. Step by Steppes (rondeau) (5:43)    
5. Petite Violette (gavote de grenoble) (6:38)    
6. Pazarda bal var gelinim (4:38)    
7. Le Badaud (scottish) (6:04)    
8. Valse nuisette (3:52)    
9. Romano kuçek (5:41)    
10. Scottish à Billy (4:41)    

Fabien Bucher: Guitare, Mandoline
Lucile Magnan: Violoncelle, Chant
Lucie Gibaux: Clarinette, Chant
Paul Oliver: Violon, Mondole Algérien
Samuel Wornom: Derbouka, Doholla, Cajon

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Разнотравiе (Raznotravie) - Каторга (Katorga) (2001 Russia) @320

It is not to easy to find here in the most western part of Germany good Russian folk music, which is one of the reasons why I am very happy to got in touch with Mitya Kouznetsov of the Russian group Raznotravie. Raznotravie blends Russian folk music with influences of world music, ancient music, avantgarde and much more. The group was founded in 1997; almost all members have remained in the band since then. In 2000 multiinstrumentalist and folk musician Mitya Kouznetsov joined them. Together they found a new sound which is presented on this album.
Raznotravie come from Rybinsk in the Yaroslavl region in Russia. The group consist of seven members: Mikhail Posadsky (vocal, jaw harp, folk-whistle), he writes most of the songs; Vyacheslav Kamenkov (acoustic guitar, domra, backing vocal) arranges a lot and also writes songs; Anna Kouznetsova (Kholodyakova) (hurdy-gurdy, backing vocal, folk winds, percussion); Mitya Kouznetsov (vocal, svirel [russian whistle], jaleika [russian reedpipe], flute, gusli [russian psaltery], mandolin, jaw harp, folk percussion) is the producer, composer and sound engenieer; Alexandra Nikitina (chello); Valery Ershov (acoustic bass-guitar, backing vocal) and finally Pavel Davydovich on drums and percussion.
I like their music a lot, it is unconventional and fresh, with a lot of variations. A great album; hopefully we will have the chance to see them live soon!
(c)Christian Moll

1. Каторга 3:49
2. Грешник 4:32
3. Ярило 3:25
4. Тропка 4:51
5. Домовинка 4:28
6. Колыбельная 3:20
7. Всё одно 2:37
8. Её имя 6:56
9. Про вора 3:39
10. Невеста 4:30

Clica Dròna - Clica Dròna (2013 France) @320

Fruit of the inevitable meeting of young dancing musicians from the Toulouse region: voice, hurdy-gurdy, boha, violin, accordion, tountoun ... The Clica Dròna swings and makes the drone sound.
Experimenting with an anchored dance music, sometimes wild or tame, it evolves in the footsteps of engaged Gascon smugglers.
(google-translate from french, sorry)

1. Drone gascon
2. Coisinièr / Trilha. Seguida de Rondèus. (Rondeaux)
3. Suu Nòs Taulèr. Valse.
4. Seguida de Pòlcas (Polkas)
5. Power Snake. Scottish.
6. Pas de Quatre.
7. Quan Hèn L'amor. Rondèu (Rondeau)
8. L’aulhada. Branle.
9. Còrna de Boei. Congò (Congo)
10. Lo Bordon. Borreia. (Bourrée)
11. Drònesca. Scottish.
12. A Bordèu. Rondèu. (Rondeau)

Daniel Detammaecker : Toun-toun électro-acoustique, voix, bendir, trucanètas, objets sonores.
Bastien Fontanille : Vielle à roue électro-acoustique , voix, percussions, objets sonores.
Adeline Quentin : Accordéon diatonique, violon, voix, objets sonores.
Adrien Villeneuve : Boha (cornemuse de Gascogne), voix, flûte à trois trous, objets sonores.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Happy Birthday!

The Folk Yourself team wishes the father-founder a happy birthday! 
Congratulations to CrimsonKing!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Reelroadъ - Выйду за ворота / Viydu za vorota (2014 Russia) @320

01. Rozan
02. Vdol' po ulice Vanjusha
03. Vo luzjah
04. Raz zadumal stariy ded
05. Bereznichek
06. Polno-polno
07. Oh, udarila dubinka
08. Uzh vy golubi
09. Viydu za vorota
10. Vinograd so yagadoi
11. Vo syrom boru tropinka
12. Kak u nashih u vorot

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